People’s Family Workshop Finals Showcase II features top talent

(Last Updated On: July 30, 2015)

A spectacular array of performers took center stage at the Stafford Civic Center for the People’s Family Workshop Finals Showcase II on Sunday.

The talent showcase, sponsored by Liberty Bank and the City of Stafford and hosted by Kidzview Talk Show host, Victoria Baynes Lopez, featured a phenomenal display of gifted and talented performers that were too many to name.  The showcase spotlighted the finalists of the Worldwide Arts Expo and Talent Competition.

The evening featured dynamic performances from more than 30 up-and-coming talents, ranging from vocalists and instrumentalists to fashion designers and spoken word artists, and also included performances from special guests, American Idol top finalist, Vincent Powell, jazz recording artist and vocalist, Donna E. Scott and the dynamic praise team of Joyful Expressions.

The goal of the resurrected People’s Family Workshop, headed by Dr. Howard Harris, a Texas Southern University professor and multi-talented musician, is to nurture and provide exposure for tomorrow’s world artists.

Preceding the showcase artists took part in the SCAD (Summer Camp for Artist Development), a comprehensive learning experience for budding artists, designed by Dr. Harris to prepare aspiring artists for the competition phase of the Expo.  Each participant is assessed by an expert. The camp provides knowledge and skills through a unique learning activity to develop artists in the area of execution techniques, professional decorum, stage presence, and more.  Participants, then, present their pieces for the purpose of qualifying for the Finals.

A selection of the top performers from Sunday night’s finals showcase will be nominated for The Mirror of Life Awards, a world premiere event slated to air on a number of top broadcasting networks.  For more information, visit

Below are photo highlights from an evening of memorable and show-stopping performances.

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People’s Family Workshop Finals Showcase features top talent