Local woman collaborates with H-E-B to launch Healthy Hair Hub

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(Last Updated On: May 22, 2014)

Leola Anifowoshe had no idea that her legally blind grandmother’s ingenuity in creating her own homemade hair regrowth pomade would one day inspire the Houston native to create her own line of natural hair care and wellness products.

Anifowoshe, now a certified herbal therapist, developed the product line in her garage, filling bottles with homemade growth oils, with the help of her husband, who handled shipping and logistics, and her kids, who personally labeled each bottle.

“Once the products hit Amazon and customers loved what we were offering, the rest was history,” said Anifowoshe.

Founder of the Nzuri Natural Hair, Beauty & Health Festival, now in its 6th year, Anifowoshe recently celebrated another milestone in her business’ history when she joined forces with H-E-B to carry 11 products from her Nzuri hair care line in the Healthy Hair Hub – a newly launched in-store section devoted to natural hair care and wellness.

“I am proud to collaborate with H-E-B to provide education to the thousands of women who are going natural or just want to get answers to healthy hair growth whether natural, transitioning or relaxed through their collaborative Healthy Hair Hub,” said Anifowoshe.

The Nzuri line, formulated by a team of chemists, scientists, nutritionists, and health experts, currently consists of over 31 products ranging from hair growth products and supplements to weight loss and anti-aging nutritional supplements.

“Each product is created from perfectly balanced formulas that are effective and easy for the body to assimilate and absorb,” said Anifowoshe.

Some of the products featured in the Healthy Hair Hub include Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair Vitamins, NzuriVida 10-in-1 Total Body Restoration Tonic for Energy and Stress and Nzuri Elixir liquid hair vitamins which contain the perfect amount of biotin as well as other essential vitamins and nutrients  for healthy skin, hair, and nails, according to Anifowoshe.

The collaboration also includes an online Healthy Hair Hub Forum where individuals can gather to discuss a range of hair care issues, including hair loss, nutrition, supplements, alopecia, and other hair health concerns.

During the Hub’s launch phase, Nzuri will be sampling products throughout several local H-E-B stores. Visit www.Hairvitaminstore.com for a list of participating stores or www.HEBHealthyHairHub.com to join the online forum.


 Local woman collaborates with H-E-B to launch Healthy Hair Hub


12 thoughts on “Local woman collaborates with H-E-B to launch Healthy Hair Hub”

  1. La Torres Sellers

    NzuriVida I live by this. I’ve been taking this since May 2013. I more focused and energized. Miracle in a bottle, I’ve lost inches, and can get through my day without feeling sluggish and tired. I have my mom and aunt taking it as well. The little aches and pains that used to keep them down and no longer. Love, love, love this product

  2. I absolutely love Nzuri products. I drink the NzuriVida every morning; it gets me going. My natural hair is healthy and I feel great! I would recommend the products and I am happy that I can now purchase the Nzuri products in HEB stores.

  3. I have been a FAN and LOVER of Nzuri’s Liquid Hair Vitamin Elixir for 2 years now. It is rich in vital nutrients that are necessary for optimal hair, skin, and nail growth. Not only do I take it, I also make sure that both of my daughters have their daily 1oz dose as well! If you are someone that dislike swallowing pills, you should definitely give the Liquid Hair Vitamin Elixir a try. It is indeed proven Inside-Out technology!

  4. Nzuri products have been the best for my hair and my daughter. We have been on the 90 day challenge she has a youth elixir and I have an adult vitamin. at first my hair had no elasticity, and came out in clumps-after 60 days my hair coil pattern is beautiful and does not shed -my hair is thick and gaining length. My daughter who has a looser curl her hair after 60 days has a lot of volume and has grown more than 2 inches. we also used the shampoo and conditioner and not only does it smell good but the clean envigorates the scalp-you have to experience it for yourself. I recommend this product for not just African americans, mixed races abut everyone wanting to grow there hair.

  5. Chef Otis and I have been using NzuriVida for awhile now and we love it! We love the way it taste and the way it makes us feel. It’s also a great energy booster! I recently bought some Nzuri Herbal Hair Wash and after using it for the first time, my hair felt softer and it had less breakage. I will definitely keep using it because it had great results!!!!

  6. I absolutely LOVE my Nzuri liquid vitamins. I was introduced to this product and brand when I began participating in the 2013 show events where I snagged the title of 2014 Miss Top Natural Beauty. My THICK, coarse natural hair is much more manageable and growing like crazy! Oh, did I mention that I’ve also applied the the vitamin topically? My skin is beyond thankful for this product as well. Congrats on this major move Mrs. Leola. This is only the beginning.

    –Chalice Ebow

  7. The Nzuri Line is awesome! Thanks to HEB for seeing the value in these products and bringing them on board. Here’s to more stores to follow their lead!

  8. So Excited that Nzuri is on the shelves of HEB. I have only used Nzuri for a few months, but the overall product has given me much needed energy. I look forward to future of Nzuri products and shopping at HEB to obtain it!

  9. Dorothelia Barnett

    Leola Anifowoshe, words can not describe how proud and excited
    combined I am for you. There are not many Afro American owned business
    women who can say they have their own All natural Hair Care and other
    related products being sold in H-E-B stores. I have tried two of your products and I love them both.
    Keep up the good work!
    Dorothelia Barnett/ Editor In Chief of BIW Magazine http://www.biwmagazine.com

  10. Julia Hogan-McNeil

    Leola MsTexas Anifowoshe you have been one of the greatest entrepreneurs of this lifetime. You saw a great need and created a solution for all walks of life with your health supplements, your energy supplements, and most importantly for men and women everywhere hair growth products. Not only have I seen and read about these great results I’ve had first hand experience with them and they are great. Blessings To you and your company and family.
    Julia Hogan-McNeil
    “Julia-Cooks Organic “

  11. Great to see this product on the shelves!!! I have tried Nzuri Vida and Love it!!! Just the energy you need with out the crash!!! You have to try this product! you will love it!!!

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