10 Prescriptions for a Happy Marriage

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(Last Updated On: March 6, 2014)

By Pastor K.B. Sanusi

 marriageprescriptionbookNever before has the institution of marriage been under attack as it is today, writes Pastor K.B. Sanusi, in her recently released book “10 Prescriptions for a Happy Marriage.”

According to the author, couples are searching for answers to help solve their marital problems. Men are confused on their roles in the home, while women struggle with the meaning of submission.

If you are tired or feeling powerless over your marriage and are ready to start loving your spouse the way the Lord intended, then it’s time to get the 10 prescriptions that will help rejuvenate your marriage.

In this timely debut, the author and local pastor offers a straightforward look into the problems in marriage and how they can be avoided.

Through the pages of this book, she will help you examine your home in line with God’s Word and truly understand the purpose of your marriage. The book gives 10 keys to keeping your marriage happy, godly and exciting.

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10 Prescriptions for a Happy Marriage