Author shares his journey in new book to highlight the importance of fatherhood

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(Last Updated On: August 27, 2020)

Author R.V. Sykes, Sr., founder of Don’t Engage N Road Rage, celebrates the release of his new book Five Smooth Stones: the Rebirth as he takes on a new topic: his personal journey of becoming a man, a husband, a father, but most importantly, establishing a legacy for his family and the next generation. 

The 106-page book is about one father’s journey to deposit and develop excellence in the lives of his five sons and discusses the core principles of transparency, honor, responsibility, affirmation, decisions, and serving.  It was written out of the personal difficulties, pain, frustrations, challenges and emptiness Sykes experienced growing up without a father or strong male presence in his life. The author also highlights the blessings, challenges, and rewards of fatherhood and his own personal growth fathering and mentoring his five sons. 

With social injustices such as police brutality and racism dominating headlines, Sykes calls “the lack of a father in the home the biggest problem facing America today, especially Black America.” “Research has shown that the rise of prison population, drug abuse, poverty, suicide and other disturbing information can be linked to fatherless homes. This we cannot ignore,” said Sykes.

According to the Detroit resident, all one has to do is to look at popular television shows that portrayed the importance of having a father in the home such as Good Times, the Cosby Show, Family Matters, Fresh Prince of Bel Air and My Wife and Kids. “Each one of these shows demonstrated how having a father was critical in navigating the challenges of building and maintaining a strong family,” shared Sykes.

The late and great rapper Tupac Shukar made this statement “but I know for a fact that had I had a father, I’d have some discipline. I’d have more confidence. Your mother cannot calm you down the way a man can. Your mother can’t reassure you the way a man can. My mother couldn’t show me where my manhood was. You need a man to teach you how to be a man,” shared Sykes.

Having a new outlook on life, Sykes, who graduated with a degree in Business Administration from William Tyndale College and a Master’s Degree in Pastoral Ministry, is determined to fulfill his purpose as a husband, father, pastor, but most importantly as a servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

“A portion of the proceeds from this book will be donated towards our Black Male & Female Mentorship Programs and Projects established by The Sykes Family Community Center. A portion of the proceeds will also be used to benefit victims of Human & Sex Trafficking,” shared Sykes.

For Sykes, the book isn’t about perfect parenting, but about the journey and progress of parenting. To reserve a copy of the book, contact

Author shares his journey in new book to highlight the importance of fatherhood