Book Spotlight: Boy Bye!

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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

Author Rhonda Hall’s new book “Boy Bye!: Beautiful Women Finding Their Way Back” is a guide for any single woman who has ever been let down by love. The book provides, in a fun, casual, and honest fashion, healthy steps to follow in moving past a break up, positive daily affirmations, pointers or happy-single living, and more.

Boy Bye! is loaded with advice and encouragement for the single woman who is determined to keep life in the single lane sassy, spicy, and satisfying, says Hall in her new book. A native of Buffalo New York and a public school teacher,  Hall draws from her own experiences to encourage single women to remember, despite circumstances, how special, unique, valuable, and beautiful they are in her new book.

“It takes a great deal of courage, grace, sass, and strength to journey back from love’s disappointments and heartbreaks.  And although the future is uncertain as we embark on our new journeys, it’s far better to walk away from situations that are simply not good enough for us and gain upgraded confidence than to stay in upgraded fear.” – Rhonda Hall

A Peek Inside the Book…

A Formal Introduction from the Author

Boy Bye! is sincerely for all of us-beautiful women-finding our way back!  Finding our way back from what?  Finding our way back to what?  Finding our way back from the hurt, pain, and disappointment provoked by love; finding our way back form being emotionally knocked down for the count by a blow ironically called love; finding our way back from insecurities that have refused our eyes the privilege of seeing how beautiful we truly are; finding our way back from low self-esteem that has prevented us from fully understanding how special we genuinely are; finding our way back from attitudes that gave the men in our lives a free pass to treat us in a manner that is unacceptable and belittling, simply for fear of being alone; finding our way back from desperately seeking and being a slave to the approval and validation of others, finding our way back from feeling, believing, and behaving as if we’re powerless; finding our way back from Timid Lane, Weak Street, Insecure Avenue, Toleration Court, Fear Drive, Desperation Road, and Low Self-Esteem-Having Boulevard; finding our way back to Strength Drive, Grace Court, Self-Love, Confidence Way, Power Boulevard, Dignity Road, and Fearless Avenue …

Step Four:  Shut It Down (…excerpts)

You’re not strong enough to communicate with him right now.  …  Most times when the past calls, texts, e-mails, Facebooks, or tweets, it usually has absolutely nothing new to talk about.  You’re not obligated to entertain him simply because he’s reaching out, with urgency, to communicate.  And why is he reaching out with such urgency now that you’ve ended the relationship (for real this time)?  …  He’s behaving as if its so pressing now only because he’s trying to satisfy his ego.  Mr. Ex has already shown you with his actions that you two are on different pages of the book (You may even be reading two totally different books with two totally different themes).  You want one thing.  He’s demonstrated wanting something totally different.  And because you’ve ended the relationship and you’re no longer, in his mind, one of his possessions, his ego has been challenged and threatened.  The idea of you leaving him, giving time and attention to someone or something other than him, is viewed as a failure.  His ego is terribly threatened by failure.  You’ve put him in a position where he feels pressured to win (again).  If he wins—convinces, charms, or cons another chance out of you—his ego is satisfied, and he gets to feel like he’s “That Dude” again. (As I write this, I can’t help but think that I sure wish I knew then what I know now.)

It’s like a game or a sport for him.  For you, it’s not a game at all—it’s real.  It’s your life!  You must make your selection on how best to proceed based on the fact that you didn’t arrive at destination This is Some Bullshit overnight.  It took a lot of time, agony, tears, aches, pains and frustration getting there.  You’ve been through this with him before.  This is a déjà vu moment. How you decide to handle this situation is crucial.

Pick up your copy of Boy Bye! to gain more of Hall’s wisdom for yourself or to share with others.

Author Rhonda Hall
Rhonda Hall

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Book Spotlight:  Boy Bye!