Don’t Count Me Out

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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2013)

dontcountmeoutIn Don’t Count Me Out, author KaRon Coleman gives readers a glimpse into his life as a child in a single-parent home and his journey to the National Football League. His story provides hope and inspiration to those who grew up or are growing up in similar, or worse, circumstances.

Coleman was determined to fight against the stereotypes, though he knew it would not be easy. Through his riveting autobiography, Coleman gives hope and inspiration to those whose childhoods were lacking. He believes these “dysfunctional” children have a story too, and encourages readers to look past the rough exterior of these children and accept them for what they can be.

KaRon is an author and motivational speaker whose message of hope and hard work resonates amongst all age groups. Don’t Count Me Out is a must read for anyone who doubted their ability to be the best and achieve success, against all odds.

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Don’t Count Me Out