Embracing Bootstrap Leadership

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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

If you live in southwest Houston, you may have heard his name. Walter August, Jr., senior pastor of the Church at Bethel’s Family, has dedicated his life to his wife, children, and the empowerment of people through the message of Jesus Christ.

August has traveled the world, doing evangelism training, setting up medical clinics, and developing church leadership teams. However, much of his work is in southwest Houston, where he organized and founded the Church at Bethel’s Family, starting with 10 members and growing to serve over 3,500 families through 50 different ministries.

Locally and internationally, the Houston pastor has touched many lives. With the premiere of his first book, “Embracing Bootstrap Leadership,” more people can expect to be touched by his words. But the publishing of his book was not a short and easy road. Taking two years to develop, with the help of True Story Press, August marks it as an “accumulation of 18 to 20 years of experience, tried, tested, and proven, through life, that it works.”

For August and his readers, “Embracing Bootstrap Leadership” is worth the wait. Released in July of this year, August’s book is about how you can start from the bottom and work up to the top, even when the odds are against you. In his book’s seven chapters are “the principles and precepts that can help anyone get the confidence and courage they need to move from simply existing as a follower,” says August. His goal is to help develop the leadership that is in you.

pastor august in office 1
Pastor Walter August, Jr.

Though each chapter covers a variety of issues from family leaders to biblical leaders, both good and bad, August points to one area of crucial importance. In a land where poor leadership puts people in boxes, affecting the ways in which they see themselves, August emphasizes the power of vision. “People have to see themselves not where they currently
are but where they prefer to be,” says August. “Without vision, the people perish.”God “moves through leadership,” says August. “Even from the beginning of time, God has always initiated leaders to guide his people.”

With this in mind, August taps into the necessity of spiritual guidance in leadership. “As a pastor, the model is already there, if we’d just embrace it. Christ is and will always be the greatest leader of all time.” Justifying Christ as a model leader, August looks, also, to leaders of the past, such as Ghandi, Mother Theresa, and Martin Luther King Jr., who modeled their civic pride and duty after Jesus.

“That’s why in every city in these United States, there are streets named after [Martin Luther King] who decided to follow the model of Christ Jesus.” The importance of and power of leadership in each human being is something August addresses in his book. He writes, “Most people don’t see themselves as leaders.” But he notes, “you are a leader in more ways than one.”

It is telling that August’s first book centers on leadership, but August explains, “Everything rises and falls based on leadership, whether it’s parenting, business, or social [issues]. Leadership is crucial, and right now, honestly, we are leader-less in our society.”

The current nature of this topic makes “Embracing Bootstrap Leadership” a crucial read that is relevant for all ages. “I don’t think we’ve wasted a page in this book at all,” says August. And readers agree. Early feedback shows the value that people are finding in August’s perspective, changing their thoughts and leadership models based on the experiences he shares in his book. After reading, August hopes readers will be inspired to say, “It makes real sense,” take inventory of what you are doing in your life, and be motivated to change direction, based on God’s purpose for you as a leader.

Considering the positive response “Embracing Bootstrap Leadership” is receiving, there is no question why August stands by his book’s message, saying “it will help you chapter by chapter.”

Leadership Testimonials…
That Walter calls me his “father in the ministry” is very humbling, and I am grateful for any influence that I might have had on his ministry. But he has gone far beyond anything I have ever attempted. Walter has not let anything stop him from moving forward. He has the gift of faith and leadership and truly lives like nothing is impossible with God.

– Pastor Fenton Moorhead

No matter what he has accomplished, he constantly peers into the future of possibilities of what could be improved, purchased, built, corrected, torn down, developed, and so on. This has had an impact on my life.

~ Pastor John D. Ogletree, Jr.

There are individuals who consider themselves leaders and who have theability to imagine great things and bring people together, but that’s where their leadership ends. Pastor August has a servant’s heart and works alongside us as he leads us. This is a rare quality that many never achieve.

~ Robert Stanton

“Most people don’t see themselves as leaders. Truth is, you are a leader in more ways than one.” God has a plan for you to be a follower AND a leader. Pastor Walter August, Jr. shows you what it takes to be a leader, even from humble beginnings, and illustrates that it’s not about where you’re from. It’s about what you leave behind.

“Walter’s visionary make-up is contagious. While some leaders only get excited about their vision, what God has revealed to them and is doing through them, Walter gets excited persuading others about their own possibilities. This is rare.” ~ Pastor John D. Ogletree, Jr., First Metropolitan Church

“His concern for people is shown through his actions.” ~ Dr. Schuwan Dorsey, Professor/Educator Consultant

“Under his leadership I’ve learned that a leader is a person who guides others towards a goal or inspires them to believe.” ~Jeff Campbell, Trinity Investment Properties, LLC

Born fifth of nine children to a single mother, Walter August, Jr. rose from poverty to public influence. As husband, father, and pastor, August travels the world (from Kenya to the Czech Republic), doing evangelism training, setting up medical clinics, and developing church leadership teams. About life, August says,

“Some can make it about money, but it’s really about your life. If you sow your life, then everything else will go along with it. God gave His life that we might live. It has to be about something greater than you.”

Where You Can Purchase His Book
You can purchase “Embracing Bootstrap Leadership: Moving from Humble Beginnings to Christ-Centered Leadership” on EMBooklounge.com Amazon.com, Barnes and Nobles (BN.com), and at The Church at Bethel’s Family Bookstore.

Available for Speaking Engagements
To book Walter August, Jr. for conferences or speaking engagements, call 713-962-6602.


Three Priorities for Good Leaders (excerpts from Chapter 4)

Put God First

You’re either going to love him
and put him first in everything
or not. If he’s first in your life,
you’re going to talk a little
different, you’re going to walk
a little different, you’re going to
look a little different, when he’s
first in your life.

Have the Courage to say ‘NO’, When
Everyone Else Is Saying ‘YES’

There was a terrible accident in the
South several years ago, when a church
bus returning from an outlying city was
run into head-on by a drunk driver.
Twenty-seven people died. The drunk
driver said he had been to a party, was
pressured to drink, and could not stop
once he started. That decision cost the
lives of 27 people.

Decide Your Convictions
Before You Face the Choice

At first indication of
questionable activity, call a halt
to your participation. When the
conversation turns to whispers,
or bedroom doors are closed,
or the truth is shaded, beware,
something risky is being

Embracing Bootstrap Leadership