Everhome: Birth of the Gilded Hand

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(Last Updated On: September 17, 2013)

Debut Book Release by Author T. N. Jenkins

traciejenkinsEverhome: Birth of the Gilded Hand, Book One in the Everhome series, follows the winding journey of Bea, a driven young woman trying to escape the wilderness of the Outlands to return home. Her story highlights the impact of one person in a community ready for change. It is also the journey of making friends while becoming an individual.

In Jenkins’ debut release, the main character’s ultimate decision to simply open or close a door will alter the future of an entire civilization. The struggle to make this decision illustrates how peer pressure and fear can affect our choices in life.

Conceived on the brink of America’s economic downturn and written in the throes of unemployment, Everhome is a fantasy that understands loss, helplessness and hope.

Once you dive into the world of Everhome, you might become a fan. The style is quick, action-packed, and engaging. Readers have said that they can’t put it down. That alone makes it a book worth reading.

A few of the online sites to visit to purchase the book, include Amazon.com, www.bn.com and www. tesco.com.

Soft cover copy $10.00

‘Everhome: Birth of the Gilded Hand