Houston education consultant publishes book on finding your purpose

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(Last Updated On: August 4, 2017)

Her smile is captivating, and her personality fills a room. She is a tireless business leader and a passionate woman of God. She is none other than Dr. Jacqueline Horton-Cobbin. Once you get to know her, you will quickly discover that she is the epitome of where drive, determination and striving for excellence can take you in responding to and overcoming life’s many challenges.

Dr. Cobbin was predisposed to being a successful leader and educator very early in life. As she recalls, her mother was very precise in molding her. She was encouraged to take leadership roles in church, school activities and in the community as far back as she can remember. Her mother taught her the do’s and don’ts of etiquette and caring herself as a lady. Yes! “My mother distinctly knew my gifts and calling, and anticipated a life plan for my success.”

Her Life Journey Thus Far

Dr. Cobbin’s educational aspirations resulted in her achieving in 1985 a Doctorate of Education (Ed.D.) in the area of Educational Administration with a minor in Curriculum and Instruction from Texas Southern University, Houston, Texas. However, her aspirations did not cease there. She continued on to become a very accomplished and “highly favored” business entrepreneur at the helm of her own firm as Chief Executive Officer of COBBIN & ASSOCIATES Consulting Services, LLC. Her firm enjoys National acclaim as a premier business enterprise that specializes in Curriculum and Instruction Development, School Audits, Leadership Development, Teacher Training, Strategic Planning, Instructional Alignment, School Improvement, Program Evaluation, School Accreditation, as well as School and Program Design.

She has accumulated an extensive resume that attest to her wealth of professional experience and expertise; her many public speaking, lecturing, and consulting engagements; her vast array of educational certifications, credentials and awards; her numerous professional organizations and non-profit affiliations accompanied by an impressive list of educational publications and books she has authored. Dr. Cobbin is indeed an extremely accomplished and gifted writer, educator, and proven developer of leaders.

When asked, Dr. Cobbin identified three key traits or characteristics that best describe her: first and foremost, she loves the Lord and her family; she loves people; and lastly, she loves her work.
In the midst of many esteemed accomplishments, her life was shaken immeasurably as a result of two major incidents. The first came due to the death of her husband after 32 years of marriage. The second extremely pivotal occurrence came when she experienced a near-death car accident. In the aftermath of these life-changing circumstances, Dr. Cobbin reflected the advice her husband gave as he faced death, “live life to the fullest, be good to yourself and continue on!”

Besides her husband and mother, Dr. Cobbin sees a number of individuals having a great impact on her life thus far: Joyce Myers, an international speaker and overcomer; Dr. Alta Harvey, her mentor and marriage coach; Dr. Rod Page, a dear friend and ambassador as U.S. Secretary of Education; Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell, her spiritual advisor and teacher; Pastor Velocia Kibe’, a true lover of children who gave her life to mission work; and, her son, Charles Horton, Jr., carrier of the legacy. Indeed, she highlights that her most fulfilling achievement was the birth of her son, and serving as a role model and teacher as he grew into an amazing father and God-fearing man.

Discovering Her Purpose

Dr. Cobbin had no problem describing her journey to discovering her God-given purpose from early childhood aspirations to the moment she found her calling as an educational consultant and mentor to young women and aspiring entrepreneurs. In fact, it became clearer to her after penning her book, According To His Purpose, that she began to focus on her desire to please GOD more by serving others. She also realized how important life is, yet limited by time.

Dr. Cobbin sought out to give substance to this simple question, “How do I want to be remembered?” To take it a step further, she believes that most people keep themselves from discovering their purpose because they fail to understand the necessity to live an “intentional” life According To His Purpose. Dr. Cobbin notes that living life According To His Purpose has its daily struggles. These struggles entail the need to release our will and our schedule to His will. To do so, we need to keep this as a daily pursuit, “What is it that God has for us to do or to be today?” To be about His purpose, we cannot listen to the hype of Men.

Her Latest BOOK

The inspiration behind Dr. Cobbin’s latest book, According To His Purpose was her need to deal with the statement, “It is illegal to die before fulfilling our purpose.” Being reflective of her life and the lives of the people she cares most about, Dr. Cobbin considers it her mission to deal with this thought-provoking statement head-on.

She believes According To His Purpose is a timely book for the society in which we are living in today. “It seems like most people have taken on a fast-paced lifestyle. Simply put, life appears to be all about the busyness of day.” But, Dr. Cobbin believes that each one of us should be more concerned about making a daily impact based on what God wants us to do or to be.

Some key points Dr. Cobbin hopes that her readership will walk away with are: 1. Seeing the need to pray for daily guidance; 2. Seeing the need to listen and know the voice of the Holy Spirit; 3. Seeing the need to be obedient and to align our walk with His will; and, 4. Seeing the need to win others to Christ.

“I am much different after writing and reading my own book. It is Life Changing for every reader that has shared their reflection.”

The Business of Consulting

As a nationally recognized educational consultant, Dr. Cobbin has developed some very successful yet unique business tactics that she refers to as “Cobbinisms.” They are 1. Remember that you are always on stage; 2. Treat people as you want to be treated; 3. There is no substitute for documentation; 4. Strive to make data-driven decisions; and, 5. The importance of optimal planning.

She has worked with numerous businesses and educational leaders through the years as CEO of COBBIN & ASSOCIATES. During this timeframe, she has realized that the greatest challenge or hurdle many leaders face in achieving their goals is the ability to “foster the renewing of the mind as life-long learners.”

Dr. Cobbin is most passionate about impacting the lives of girls and women, as well as young entrepreneurs. In doing so, she makes it a point to collaborate and affiliate with several key business entities and non-profit organizations such as Earth Angels, Inc.; Angels Surviving Cancer, Inc.; Women Partnership Prayer Guild; CEO Scholarships of Windsor Village; Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. She is a board member at College of Biblical Studies.

Over the course of the next five years, Dr. Cobbin foresees expanding her consulting firm and major speaking platform so that more businesses, schools and people can be impacted. She is currently pursuing enrollment in Harvard University to sharpen her skillset as a professional developer.

A Few Pearls of Wisdom

For those aspiring to become successful business entrepreneurs, Dr. Cobbin offers wise counsel. “Follow the influence and follow the resources (money); operate with integrity; know your craft and your competition; and more importantly, always seek to meet the needs of your clients.”

According to Dr. Cobbin, “the Look (professional style of dress) gets the attention of others, and draws people into a conversation with me. The Hook is when I can talk about the impact Christ has had on my successful career knowing that professional women and Christian women must dress a certain way. Then, I can assist women with the Look of confidence.

Be sure to ask Dr. Cobbin about “Divine Closet, Personal Shopping.”

Psalms 37 “Trust in the Lord and do good.”

Contact Information for Dr. Jacqueline Horton-Cobbin:

Mailing address: Cobbin & Associates, LLC

5826 New Territory Blvd., Suite 320

Sugar Land, Texas 77469

Contact number: 832-715-6830
Email address: jcobbin2@sbcglobal.net
Website: https://jcobbin2.wixsite.com/drcobbin
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jacqueline.cobbin
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-jacqueline-cobbin-14388913/

Houston education consultant publishes book on finding your purpose