Parents Need Help Too

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(Last Updated On: November 29, 2013)

By Dr. Tyrone Tanner, Ed.D

Dr. Tyrone Tanner, Ed.D, an associateparentsneedhelptoo

professor in the educational leadership

doctoral program at Prairie View

A & M University, has released a new

book, entitled “Parents Need Help Too:

A Guide to Parents of School-Age Children.”

The author has 20 years of K-12 public school and higher education experience.

The book discusses areas of child development, including what parents need to know in order to develop a healthy, balanced child, and also shares insights on modern family situations, such as strategies for addressing single parenting, working with difficult ex-partners, parenting through divorce and raising academically successful children.

The author’s research on building effective parent/school relationships has been published in more than 30 peer review journals and been presented nationally and internationally.

For more information regarding scheduling Dr. Tyrone Tanner for a speech/workshop or to purchase this powerful book on parenting in English or Spanish, visit at or e-mail

Parents Need Help Too