Sins of the Father

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(Last Updated On: September 19, 2013)

Dexter Simon moved back to the city he was born and raised in after living in Chicago since he left home at 17.  When he returned with his wife, he found that the family of his youth had changed and was unwilling to share the family secrets that were tied to generational curses from their forefathers.  Because of his strong faith and leadership position he had as the oldest sibling, he embarks on a path that will lead him to find the answers he needed, but along the way, he exposes curses from other families which were tied to his own.  Their secrets unravel to the point where the political structure of the entire state of Louisiana is in jeopardy of being dismantled.

tsherman79Author C. Anthony Sherman recently published debut novel, “The Sins of My Fathers,” is a first in a trilogy of novels, that journeys through the life of a fictional family, The Simons, to examine and unravel a web of family secrets, deceit and generational curses that have impacted the family down through the generations.   The book explores the repeated patterns that occur in families through spiritual seeds that are passed down and continue to mutate without anyone examining why they occur.

Sherman not only poses the question of why generational curses occur, he gives the reader an inside look at the dysfunction and challenges Dexter Simon and his family members encounter and provides the answer as to why such curses prevail in families and how they can be broken.

In a recent interview with Empower Magazine, Sherman shares how his first fictional novel came into existence.

Describe how this book was conceived?

I started out with a title called “Through Thick and Razor Thin.” It is a fiction and not fact-based book  that began in one direction, but soon the characters in the book took on a life of their own and the book and the challenges the characters faced began to take on spiritual overtones.

The book centers on the main character, Dexter’s, journey of reintegrating back into the family of his youth and finding it to be very difficult because of all of the secrets they have. As he goes on his journey of discovery, the deeper he goes, the more he is compelled to find out. There are a lot of numbers that keep coming up in the book, repetitive numbers, 111, 222, 333.  The numbers that come up most often are the numbers 333.

As I sat down and wrote the chapters, there was no way I could anticipate what I was going to write. Every time I would bring in a new character, some of those characters would come into my consciousness and tell me I have something to say.  I think if you talk with any writer of a fictional work, they will tell you that the characters take on a life of their own and you record it.

What do you think will make people want to pick up your book?

Every family has dysfunctional issues and generational curses that keep repeating themselves. This book is one family’s journey to unravel the secrets and generational curses and find a way out of the things that have hindered the family.  I believe most readers will be able to relate to such a journey.


How long did it take you to write the book?

I wrote the book in phases and when I initially began this book it was going in one direction and then I went through a tug of war of whether to let my creative juices flow or try to guide this thing, so I came to a stop.  Last year, when it came time for me to retire from counseling and doing many other things I started writing again and it took me about four months to complete.

What do you consider the unique aspects of this book?

There are specific prayers that come up as a result of the issues that the characters are involved with.  When I knew that there was a prayer to be prayed, the words and prayers just came.  It was like I took my hands off of the keyboard.  I sit back and look at those prayers and say “Wow” Id idn’t write that.

Which character do you relate most to?

Dexter, the main character.  He has done his thing in the world and finally he gets introduced to the Savior and he is sold out and doesn’t let his guard down, although he is tempted to do so many times with all of the secrecy.  Although I am not writing about myself, I connect most with his character.

What are your plans to produce an audiobook of “The Sins of My Fathers?”

I read an excerpt of the book to a friend who is blind, and he and his wife encouraged me to transform the book into an audio book.  So far, 30 of 50 chapters have been recorded and I am in the process of adding sound effects to produce an audio-enhanced version of the book for readers.  More information on the release of the audiobook will be announced on our website at ________________.

What range of responses have you received

There is one response from individuals who were aware I was writing my first fictional novel – thay have been overwhelmed because they have been hearing about it for a long time and now it has become a reality.  The topic of generational curses has intrigued many who have picked up the book and caused them to want to find out more.  I believe the book will spark conversations and help readers to recognize generational patterns that may be going on in their own families.  And when they recognize it, they can talk about it and once they talk about it, they can take the steps to get it off of them.

Where can the book be purchased?

I will be doing several local book signings in various churches and bookstores and other locations throughout the city.  A number of men’s groups and ministries have expressed interest in me coming out to read excerpts of the book and open up discussions on the impact of generational curses. The public also can purchase it online from AuthorHouse at I have already begun writing the second book which is entited “The Sins of My Fathers II: The Trial.

What impact would you like “The Sins of My Fathers” to have?  

My hope and desire is to get the dialogue going, let’s get to talking about this issue of generational curses and begin to work on breaking them off of our lives.

To request a soft or hard copy version of the book or to schedule a book reading by C. Anthony Sherman email or contact Savvy Productions at 713-373-2652 for more information.