Sometimes You Have To Take A Drastic Step To Turn Your Life Around!

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(Last Updated On: November 29, 2013)

Big Goals Call for Drastic Steps

By Toni Harris as told to Shirley Carney

Toni-with-coat-150x150Whether it’s reaching Your Personal Goals such as Improving Your Health or Relationships; Professional Goals, such as starting a business or finding your passion or your Financial Goals, like earning the income you desire or recovering from financial setback, Toni’s message is for you!

Toni tells her personal stories of how she overcame a perpetual weight problem, recovered from a divorce after 18 years of marriage; how she found her soulmate only to discover he had stage 4 colon cancer. She takes you through the problems and the solutions to help you examine your life and shows you how to take a drastic step to turn your situation around.

This book also consists of 17 drastic steps and shares stories from real people in real situations. The contributors share their stories from the heart with honesty. They share their obstacles and how they overcame them. 

You will laugh, cry and root for the contributor’s success and see how you too can achieve your personal, professional and financial goals. DRASTIC STEPS will inspire you to take the necessary steps to kick your comfort zone to the curb and turn your life around personally, professionally and financially to live the life you imagined!