Spontaneity the Essence of Romance

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(Last Updated On: November 29, 2013)

Spontaneity the Essence of Romance CoverBy Stella Alexander

Spontaneity the Essence of Romance is a book of love poems by author, poet and speaker, Stella Alexander, which was inspired by the Holy Spirit. The reader also will enjoy romantic suggestions for a man and woman featured on the pages preceding each poem in the book.

One reviewer writes, “In her previous books, On the Wings of My Imagination and A Traveling Mind, she wooed the reader with her descriptive sonnets of love.  I am pleased to see she has lengthened her talents to compel us to get back to romance.  Chivalry is not dead for either of the sexes and Stella gives us inspiring ideas and remedies to keep the flames flickering.

Her book is designed to enhance your relationship and put the spark of love back in your step.  She is creative, innovative and a true believer in the Gift of Love.  I suggest you read and apply the Essence of Romance to your style and watch it bloom season after season.

For more information or to purchase a copy of the book, call 251-680-2156 or email poet@stellaalexander.com. You also can visit www.stellaalexander.com.