Tangled Web of True Love Tales

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(Last Updated On: November 29, 2013)

tangledwebDebut Houston-area author Micole Williams has released her first book, Tangled Web of True Love Tales. The book is described as a quirky, satirical romantic comedy that shares what the author describes as “a modern-day tale, as old as time, about seven deadly women, and the men they love to hate.”

The saga begins and the drama continues as seven eclectic sisters embark on new chapters in their lives before really closing the previous pages. As the fatally flawed Houston-born women go on their individual quests for love, identity and truthful purpose, they find themselves wrapped up in a sinfully tricky game of possessive power, pure illusions and venomous lies along the way.

In a world where a “woman’s voice” is too many times hushed or muzzled, these women scream through the pages, flaws and all, because their stories, ideas and perspectives matter. Be ready to be led on an amusing journey of twists and turns, in this ultimately tantalizing tale.

The hardback version of the book retails for $19.99 on www.amazon.com Also available online at http://tinyurl.com/pzanx75 and www2.xlibris.com.

Tangled Web of True Love Tales