The President Looks Like Me

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(Last Updated On: November 29, 2013)

PresidentAuthor Tanya Michelle dreamed of writing children’s books ever since she was a little girl. Her journey to writing began while constantly being surrounded by children’s books in her current profession as an elementary school teacher. Although teaching is her passion, she believes that writing is her true calling. She draws inspiration from real life situations and real world events. Her desire is to address issues that children face while instilling purpose, hope and inspiration.

“The President Looks Like Me” is a story that chronicles the 2008 presidential race from the perspective of a young boy. Even he and his family have some reservations about believing that an African-American man could actually be the President of The United States. Through the election process, he learns that with hard work, dedication, and possessing a sense of hope, anything is possible. Although the story addresses some political issues, it mostly focuses on the boy’s desire to dream big and truly believe in himself.

“The President Looks Like Me” is the first book by up and coming author, Tanya Michelle, and is also the first children’s book to be released under Bee’s Ink Publishing.

Tanya Michelle can be contacted at or check out her website at