Women in Business: big screen beauty Tressa Smallwood

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(Last Updated On: October 7, 2017)

It’s not every day you encounter sold out visionaries such as Tressa Smallwood. For those unfamiliar with this dynamic movie visionary and woman in business, Empower Magazine had a moment in time to connect with this empowering leading lady.

You may recognize Smallwood as the award-winning publisher of Life Changing Books (LCB), home to New York Times bestselling memoir, “Game Over: My Love for Hip-Hop” by Winter Ramos, Essence bestselling novel “Secrets of a Housewife” by J. Tremble or maybe you’re in Smallwood’s VIP Club where she’s guiding your entrepreneurial goals. But what you may not recognize is that Smallwood is more than those things – she’s a former school teacher, an author, a mom, a business owner and a movie producer. She’s had an incredible career so far, and from the looks of it, she’s just getting started.

When we talked with Smallwood about what it takes to be an industry leader, and an Empower Magazine “Leading Lady from the Top,” one can only see that she is a “serial entrepreneur.” In the words of Smallwood, “it’s all about making this happen.” She really is a “lights, camera, and action” type of lady. While having the privilege to connect with such a dynamic author, publisher and filmmaker one has to pause and give a hand to one finite woman in business. Smallwood discusses more about the woman behind the scenes not only making things happen for herself but as a business leader shining the light on others by facilitating dynamic opportunities to  empower those seeking guidance via her coaching methods and big screen visions.

Tell the reader about your business and vision for your endeavors.

“I’m a serial entrepreneur. I began with a book publishing company, Life Changing Books in 2002.  I started LCB with my debut novel A Life To Remember, which means I am author as well. LCB currently is home to 162 books ranging from novels and memoirs to sports biographies amassed over the past 15 years. Additionally, I coach authors and entrepreneurs in pursuit of their writing and business dreams. Within the past couple years, I expanded my brand to include film, through Life Changing Films a division of Mega Mind Media which I founded with my business partner Donte Lee. Mega Mind Media is a production company specializing in book to film adaptations and original television programming. While it sounds like a lot, my vision is extremely clear and concise— build a film catalog that empowers, educates and entertains.  I’ve done it with books and now my momentum has shifted to the screen.  When Smallwood is not teaching others how to write and publish or reviewing scripts for her promising film catalog she is mentoring girls, ages 10-17, on becoming self-starters and leaders through her program, Be The Boss Entrepreneurial Program.

How does your business empower others to succeed? 

I’m a motivator at heart. Although I teach and implement the art of book writing & film production my ultimate goal is to inspire and motivate others to go after their dreams. No procrastination. No fear. I lead by example. While my business is one of being a creator of content, I want people to find empowerment in knowing that I don’t quit. Through raising children, nurturing a marriage of 20 years, supporting friends and family through good and bad times and jumping the hurdles of life, I refuse to give up on my dreams.

What inspired you to want to start your organization, project or book?

What inspired me to start Mega Mind Media was a natural progression in the art of storytelling. I’ve watched filmmakers create movies about African Americans that didn’t show us in a good way. I decided since I have the platform and content, I’d take a leap of faith. Life Changing Books has afforded the opportunity for numerous writers to have their books published and to build public platforms. The film industry allows me to be a blessing to even more people. I’m just trying to do my part.

Who empowers you?

Honestly speaking, I am empowered by the underdogs in our society especially; women who have major challenges but make it work despite how things look. I always cheer for the underdogs. The will to win is not just in sports, it is in the game of life as well. I’m empowered by those who refuse to be defeated.

A personal mantra you lead or live by?

I believe procrastination is the #1 killer of dreams. So my mantra that I lead by is “stop talking about it. Do something about it.”

Smallwood offers more empowerment by sharing the following motivational tips:

  • Never allow fear to cripple you. It’s normal if your goals are large enough and needed to fuel you. Take that fear and let it guide you to success.
  • Disregard negative remarks and thoughts as you climb the ladder of success. Those words are meant to distract you.
  • If you genuinely want to do something, create a plan to get it done. Sleep, eat and play with that plan daily; never losing focus until your plan is executed.

For those looking to connect with Tressa, you can find this leading lady via her website at www.TressaAzarelVIPclub.com

You see all things are possible for those who believe. Like Smallwood, you have the ability to let your light shine and create lights, camera and action for yourself as well, one project a time. Until then, one word, chapter and manuscript until your next book or movie project becomes a big screen beauty like the work of 0ur featured leading lady, Tressa Smallwood.

Felicia Smith is an Empower Magazine columnist, inspirational speaker and marriage and family therapist. Her  book such as “Loving You Feels Right, But I Don’t Want To Be Wrong” are available for purchase on Amazon.com.

Women in Business: big screen beauty Tressa Smallwood