7 Steps Highly Successful People Take to Attract Success

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(Last Updated On: February 22, 2016)

By A.J. Jomah

Don’t chase success, attract success. 7 steps highly successful people take to attract success. Would you believe that most successful people that have achieved great heights in life “attracted” the success they have been able to achieve in life rather than merely chasing it?

Truth be told, I’ve been chasing success like it slapped my momma and stole something from me at the same time. In other words ruthlessly chasing success down. What does that mean exactly you ask?

It means I have been looking for anyway to achieve success by any means necessary. I looked for the expedient factor and path of least resistance when it came to achieving success.

“I looked for the expedient factor and path of least resistance when it came to achieving success.”

The expedient factor is when someone tries to get to point A to Point B the fastest way possible with the least amount of resistance. Typically, those are the folks that like to take shortcuts, hate working hard, and want the get rich quick system that never works.

That was me in a nutshell and I wasn’t proud of it, but the truth is I wanted to chase success so badly that I lost sight of what success meant. I had always known the true way to achieve success is to attract it to your life, but it was easy to lose sight of that truth when you’re blindly chasing success.

The first time I specifically identified what I wanted success to be was when I set the goal of getting more dates with pretty girls, so I took courses on it. My favorite course was by David Deangelo called double your dating. (don’t worry this isn’t an article about how to attract a date)

I learned from that program to focus on myself, improve myself, my image, my attitude, my confidence , learn conversational skills and most importantly practice, practice and practice. Only then would I be ready to “double my dates” (as the program promised) so I did just that and after a few misfires I began to attract what I wanted.

What that program taught me along with what I’ve been able to learn from tons (and I mean tons) of
books and literature on the subject of success has allowed me to achieve a small piece of that success today.

You see 5 years ago, I bought a business that was generating around $2 million in sales and $400,000 a year in cash flow. I managed to grow that business to 3 locations. I did it because I decided to focus on attracting success into my life not chasing it.

When I sold my businesses to an equity investment group I didn’t hire a broker to chase a buyer, I attracted the buyer to me. Stay with me here I know that sounds a little crazy. How did you “attract” a buyer AJ? Of course I listed my business online and started spreading the word discretely about my business being available for sell, but I focused on my business not the buyers, I begin improving the image of the business, hired more staff, renegotiated with vendors and suppliers to improve my margins. I promoted the business to attract more customers and as the business got more and more attention from vendors, suppliers, customers, the buyers noticed!

The 7 Steps

Step 1. They specifically identify what success means to them.  Sit down and write out what success looks like to you, what do you want to achieve? be specific down to the last detail. For example:

Not Specific: I want to start a business that will allow me to quit my job and travel more.

Specific: I will generate a passive income of $8,000 a month in the next 3-6 months beginning today Feb. 1, 2016 with a completion date of Aug. 1, 2016. This will allow me to travel more and achieve a better work/life balance while doing what I love.

Step 2. They set their goals and break down their goals into action steps. Their goals are created after they have identified what success looks like to them. They start off with 15 year goals and work their way down. (don’t worry if you can’t see 15 years out.) start with 10 year goals / 5 year goals / 3 year goals / 1 year and down to 3 months and 1 month… 1 day

Step 3. They believe in laws of attraction. They know they must attract the success they want through the way they feel, think and the energy they emit into the universe.

Tip: Watch the documentary or read the book titled “The Secret” ( I watched it on Netflix over 20 times). They also visualize the success they want to attract … similar to watching a movie on the big screen, they picture themselves already with the success they want to attract, how their life looks, what they’re wearing, who they are with, what car they are driving, and so on. Visualization is very important to attracting success into your life.

When I bought my first million-dollar business, I would visualize what it would be like to own the restaurant. I would park my car in their parking lot and watch the customers walking in and out. I would dream about owning this very business and visualize myself walking in the business, turning on the lights, holding meetings, I did this almost every single day. I also took meaningful action steps towards my goal advancing each day towards my dream of owning this business.

Step 4. They are avid learners. They know that when the opportunity presents itself, they must be prepared so they attend continuing education courses, seminars and conferences. They buy audio programs and e-books and attend courses.

Step 5. They are curious about problems. When a problem arises they ask “What if” questions …What if we did it this way then they come up with a list of possible solutions. (I personally would write down about 20 possible solutions.)

Step 6. They create time and spend time in constructive mode: building, creating, initiating. Most people will tell you they just simply don’t have enough time in the day to spend on learning, creating, tinkering and initiating. The reality is the highly successful people in this world make the time. A few months back I discovered from attending a seminar by Robin Sharma (who’s by the way an amazing speaker and motivator) that waking up at 5 am each day can change my life. So I practiced building the habit of waking up each morning at 5 am for the past 60 days until I built the habit of waking up at 5 am. I now have an extra 4-5 hours per day then I did before I built this habit.

Step 7. They are quick to pivot. They know when to change course and pivot to a different project or different way of doing things; they don’t get complacent. They know when a certain direction, idea or plan is not working and are quick to change course. Most people that continue to struggle in life don’t realize when to change course.

Bonus Step. They are continually evolving. They choose to spend their time learning; they choose to see problems with curiosity; they choose to experiment; they choose to create space and time creating and construction; and they choose, when the opportunity comes, to pivot.

Start living a life where you attract the success you want and not chase it. Challenge yourself every day to be iconic and live your life the best way you possibly can, and watch success come to you. I recommend you go over to liveyourlegend.net a blog by Scott Dinsmore. I recently discovered it and it has helped me really look at ways to live a legendary life. If nothing else, visit this site and of course visit my blog www.restaurantaltitude.com if you want to learn how to start your own business in restaurants (hint this is not just for restaurants) as well as my personal blog for living an iconic life at arefjomah.weebly.com. Both are devoted to providing free content about business tips, tricks and ideas.

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7 Steps Highly Successful People Take to Attract Success