A 1-2-3 approach on your journey from employee to employer

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(Last Updated On: June 6, 2014)

“If a man will not work, he will not eat”– 2 Thessalonians 3:10

Have you ever considered that if you don’t work for an employer, then you must still work for yourself? Are you desiring to one day become an entrepreneur?

Why not make today the day your dream becomes a reality? Yes, entrepreneurship is attainable even if you lack the necessary resources to start working in that Fortune 500 corporation of your dreams.

Have you surveyed what’s at your disposal that can help take you from where you are to where you’d like to be – all while earning a daily wage?  I have a few simple ideas that will spur your creativity and enhance the idea of your becoming your own boss right from where you are.

Many successful people start where they are: likely from home, some from the trunk of their cars, others in similar nontraditional settings, BUT they start. Starting is, at minimum, the key. To start is better than pining away over “someday,” lofty ideas. So what’s it going to be?

Well you say that you don’t have the proper tools to start your own business. Your cash flow is limited and your ideas aren’t strong enough to power you forward as an entrepreneur. I’d strongly disagree.

Here are three simple and relatively easy methods to help your creativity flow as you toggle from employee to employer:

1.  Take your resume out and explore the skills you’ve acquired working for employers, so that you can now take those same skills and work for yourself.

What do you see that you can do right now that will enhance your growth and, more importantly, your cash flow? Everyone has, at minimum, a level of customer service (skill) that he or she can provide to a potential customer.

2. Start considering working for yourself as a contractor (also known as a 1099 to local businesses) providing services that ordinarily would be provided by employees.

Ideally you want to find “local” companies that have products and services that coincide with your skill level, initially. Options for you to be hired as a contractor for a specific project are a longer commitment and depend on you and your customer’s agreement. Quick caveat: creativity is a requirement. You know your level of independence, creativity and confidence. Your business growth is coupled with your level of creativity. Once the demands of your business begin to grow, the necessity to HIRE others to fulfill your contractual agreements to your customers will become necessary. Hint, hint: employee to employer.

3. Advertising and marketing are the heart of your business, so you definitely want to advertise services and products that you decide are suitable to offer on social media sites, networking circles and, more importantly, in your sphere of influence.

These are unavoidable and mandatory tasks to generate immediate income. Remember, network determines net worth! People in your sphere of influence, whether it be a hairstylist, artist, child care provider, customer service specialist, lawn care manicurist or automobile specialist, and so forth, are paramount, because they help spread the word about what you’re offering.

Advertising is available at your fingertips if you have a smart phone, email account, Facebook page, Twitter account and one of the most unique business-media presences: a LinkedIn account. Referrals from associates are ideal since a beginner’s business budget may not be available to you. For those with working capital, I salute you.

For those without working capital, you still are able to do more than you realize with the skill-sets you’ve acquired while working as an employee. In fact, working as an employee has given you many years of training on your journey to work as an employer.

Until next time, let me encourage you via the Bible. “With God all things are possible,” as clearly stated in Matthew 19:26.

I know some things seem impossible, but we have to pray for direction, believe what we desire is achievable, and most of all go forward! Always understand that there’s an abundance of wealth and riches within you. Happy hunting your next contract as you maneuver through your journey over broke from employee to employer! More to come.

About Felicia Smith

Felicia Smith is an author of J-O-B: Journey Over Broke, Transforming from the Employee to the Employer, and Certified Workforce Coach. Felicia’s mission is to work to educate the public about their efforts in seeking work. She has worked with many as a Certified Workforce Professional to aid in their job search efforts, promoting the entrepreneur inside of employees along the way. For more information email info@queendreamz.com or visit the website www.queendreamz.com.

 A 1-2-3 approach on your journey from employee to employer