Alive Studios previews math journals and new STEM app at CUE and ASCD

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(Last Updated On: March 15, 2019)

The simple-to-follow book and free app use a menagerie of zoo animals to teach number recognition, counting, number writing, and shapes.

(ATLANTA, Ga) March 12, 2019 — Just in time for summer programs, Alive Studios, leading provider of augmented reality for early education, has launched their My Math alive Journals and free mobile app. The new math journals ($9.95 each) come to life on mobile devices to give early learners an engaging, interactive learning experience with numbers and counting. Alive Studios will offer a sneak peek of their new math journals for attendees of the upcoming CUE and ASCD conferences.

“By using kinesthetic, visual, and auditory modalities, My Math alive Journals inspires my students’ natural instinct to talk to the animals, giving them the linguistic practice they need,” said Valerie Donaldson, an elementary teacher in Clarke County, Georgia. “It’s hands-down the best way for my kiddos to be completely immersed and engaged in their math skills and standards.”

With the simple-to-follow book and free mobile app, young learners have access to a menagerie of zoo animals that help them learn number recognition, counting, and number writing, as well as 2D and 3D shapes. My Math alive Journal is designed for both at-home and classroom use, which promotes family engagement and a strong relationship between home and school. Journals can be purchased individually and also in 20-packs for whole classes. My Math alive Journals come in pre-K and kindergarten versions, with age-appropriate activities and challenges.

“Teaching the foundations for numbers and counting can be challenging,” said Cynthia Kaye, CEO and Chief Zookeeper of Alive Studios. “Without context or anything for children to interact with, flat symbols on a page do little to inspire understanding. Our math journals turn the entire process into a hands-on, collaborative, mind-boggling, number-learning experience.”

To see a video demo of the math journals in action, please visit the My Math alive Journal page.

Math alive Journals will be shipping in late April 2019.

About Alive Studios
Alive Studios is a software developer that creates mind-boggling learning experiences to increase student engagement. Students are motivated and inspired as they interact with 26 virtual zoo animals while learning the essential fundamentals of reading and math. Alive Studios’ programs use a technology called augmented reality (3D without glasses) to bring lessons to life. For more information about Alive Studios and their mission to win literacy, visit

Alive Studios previews math journals and new STEM app at CUE and ASCD