Are you on a Fast Track to Unemployment?

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(Last Updated On: May 16, 2014)

It isn’t uncommon for people to think about whether or not their life is “on track.” But which track are you on if you’re currently unemployed and actively seeking work? Are you on the fast track to employment? WORK requires exertion or effort directed to produce or accomplish something; work is labor; work is toil. Looking for a job is a job in itself so you need to WORK.

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Be forewarned: if you are currently seeking employment, draw your attention to the following activities that may be hindering your job search. Without considering these activities, you may be hampering your employment efforts. Certain behaviors will very well warrant your being unemployed. Just as there are many daily rituals one must strive for when employed, there are just as many when unemployed seeking their next job.

Many unmentioned daily tasks, missed networking opportunities, and even body language, contribute to the success of your employment search. After all, “attitude clearly determines altitude.” That being the case, let’s consider some things that will help you on the fast track from unemployment to employment.

First, establishing your mindset is paramount. Remember, looking for a job—which can be an acronym for just over broke, or journey over broke—is truly a job! Anyone that has been unemployed for a significant period of time knows that finding work in today’s economy can pose a challenge if you are not strategic, methodical, and, more importantly, intentional. Some things are obvious when searching for work but some things are not so obvious. Here are a few tips to aid in your re-employment efforts;

How you dress determines how you’ll be addressed.

When out seeking employment–a process which takes place in public, not in the privacy of your home or on a computer—dress appropriately. For a potential employer, dressing the part will determine your next role. Life is a movie and your role is ultimately decided by your efforts.

Body language speaks louder than your words.

During an interview with your next potential employer, having positive body language says more about you than your skill sets, accolades, resume, work ethics, and verbal cues. Both your mouth and your body language say volumes about you. What do you want them to say?

Your network determines your net worth!

In other words, your networking abilities require you to do the nontraditional to seek work. We are not living in times of traditional job searching. Have you networked with personal contacts, social media outlets, church members, your hair stylist, your barber, your nanny, your babysitter, your friends? If everyone you know or they know isn’t a part of your job search, then you have to wonder are you looking or a secret job seeker. Networking is paramount when determining your immediate net worth.

I encourage you to work it, so it will work for you! Your destiny is determined by your daily habits, your daily routines, and your outlook. A fresh perspective on your future goals, your dreams, and your desires will lead you to understand that an abundance of wealth lies within you. It’s just that simple. Happy hunting your next journey over broke! More to come.

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Felicia Smith is an author and Certified Workforce Coach. Felicia’s mission is to work to educate the public about their efforts of seeking work. She has worked with many as a Certified Workforce Professional to aid in their job search efforts, promoting the entrepreneur inside of employees along the way. For more information contact her by email at or