Chicks With Class grand opening celebration a hit

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(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

More than just a business opening, this Houston event was jam-packed with women of all ages speaking life into one another.

Chicks With Class celebrated the grand opening of its new facility featuring a one-of-a-kind teen day spa on Saturday, June 10 at 16430 West Lake Houston Pkwy, Ste. 400, Houston, Texas 77044.

To kick things off, ABC 13’s Meteorologist Elita Loresca stood before a crowd of smiling parents and daughters sharing some of the many kid-friendly features to take advantage of throughout the day.

“We are very excited about today’s grand opening… These beautiful ladies are providing manis and pedis, Henna tattoos, face-painting. And please come and ask questions. We see these wonderful, beautiful smiles and we want to keep that going,” Loresca told attendees.

Before the ribbon-cutting, owner of the super-cute day spa, Margo Baines expressed that the empowering event was designed for “uplifting our girls and boys and really emphasizing positive body image, self-esteem, personal development, all of these things, so we raise these little people up into the people who will take over the world one day.”

Boy, is that needed in a world where image is almost everything and there are so many negative images overwhelming today’s youth. When asking Miss Black America CoEd, Roneshia Ray, what she suggested for healthy beauty habits for young women, she advocated “believing in themselves.”

“I think that comes off as confident, it comes off as reassuring and just when you think that you’re about to fall, believing in yourselves will always hold you back up,” said the local beauty queen.

There were plenty of pint-sized powerhouses, barely into the double-digits, like “Cooking in Style” co-authors, Kamryn Johnson and Saniya-Symone Scott who took part in the celebration and were recently featured on daytime talk show, “The Real” during a Black History month segment. As examples of young girls staying grounded while rising to the top, when asked about the pursuit of happiness, Johnson, who has acted in films “Bessie” featuring Queen Latifah and “Hidden Figures” featuring Taraji P. Henson, shared that “following your dreams is very important because God has given everybody a talent, no matter who you are, and where you came from…”

Although the event, put on by Lemon Lime Light Media, was geared toward the kids and teens, the women involved were just as inspired in the process. Well into the event, host Loresca recalled what she found endearing about the celebration.

With as smile, she shared “a lot of them are interested in science. They know what I do for a living…Science is one of those subjects that I feel like girls get intimidated by and so I’m here not only promoting and welcoming this new venture, this new business venture, but also hopefully getting more girls to be excited about science,” said Loresca.

Many girls, including 11-year-old Lauryn, could be seen enjoying themselves and all of what the day had to offer. When asked what she enjoyed the most, she replied, “my friends.” That was certainly the sentiment of many who felt that they were definitely in good company – being chicks with class celebrating other chicks with class.

Chicks With Class also hosts birthday parties, etiquette classes, day camps, tween brunches and more.  To find out about future Chicks With Class events, visit

Micole Williams is a long-time Empower magazine contributor; author of “Tangled Web of True Love Tales” and “Toxic Ties Trilogy”, creative director for Eclectically You Experience and educator. Visit her at and and follow @eclecticallyyou.

Chicks With Class grand opening celebration a hit