How Golf Empowers Women in the Professional and Real World

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(Last Updated On: May 5, 2017)

A number of years back, there was an intriguing article on Forbes about how women who play golf are generally successful in the business world. The article, written by Leslie Andrews, an avid golfer, points out that other than the actual skill of playing, there is an understanding among peers that can sometimes make or break huge decisions.

Golf has been established as a sport where some of the best business minds build their networks and professional relationships. It is a place where major deals are sometimes closed in the blink of an eye after a round or two. However, there is still the notion that women are often left out of the conversation and, of course, the financial side of things.

The sport, as most know, is notorious for being a clubby men’s game. But, today, women are just as, if not more, strong, confident and independent and do not, and will not, let gender act as a hindrance. Some women even go the extra mile to enhance their golfing performance by taking lessons from golf professionals. It also is important to note that when talking about truly learning the ins and outs of golf, legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus once said, “Don’t be too proud to take lessons. I’m not.”

Economics is an additional factor that limits some women from taking up the sport. Most people see golf as an expensive venture exclusively for the rich and affluent. Thankfully, today, there are certain individuals and groups that make it more accessible to everyone. For instance, Play Your Course highlights The First Tee of Greater Houston a program that operates out of nine courses and 29 school districts across the city. The program strives to make golf more affordable and help players improve their golf games as well as help individuals enjoy enhanced and empowered lives.

In more ways than one, golf empowers women in life and in pursuing their career goals. The aforementioned writer and avid golfer Leslie Andrews wrote the book, ‘Even Par: How Golf Helps Women Gain the Upper Hand in Business’, in which she underlines how the sport gives ladies the fast track towards building strong professional relationships and advancing their careers. Executive Women’s Golf Association CEO Pam Swensen even revealed a survey stating 79 percent of women agree that golf courses are viable venues to get to know people and develop better connections.

At the end of it all, golf is more than just an individual sport dominated by businessmen, retirees, and clubhouse crusaders. As a whole, it can be used as a tool for advancement in terms of developing professional and personal relationships.

For all the ladies out there, learning how to play golf gives you the confidence and power to face and deal with different personalities and egos. Hopefully, as more and more women take up the sport, people will soon erase the perception that golf is strictly for the wealthy, established gentlemen of this world.

How Golf Empowers Women in the Professional and Real World