Houston-based company to open African Fusion Pop-Up restaurant in Katy

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(Last Updated On: March 31, 2019)

HOUSTON, Texas (March 12, 2019)- Vivy’s, a local juice manufacturer launches an eclectic African fusion pop-up restaurant called Vivy’s Eats, an African Gourmet Culinary experience in the heart of Katy. Vivy’s Eat is a chef’s table pop-up restaurant offering multi-course prix-fixe dinners, themed African style feeding frenzies, and other occasional food-based gatherings in a communal or intimate setting.

The chef’s Vivian Elebiyo and Nkem DenChukwu fuse their favorite African dishes with cultures they have grown to love. Most of their dishes explore and combine ingredients from different regions across the globe. “We plan to offer you a curated, and exquisite dining experience you will not find anywhere else in Texas. The meals are as diverse as my palate, my journey and my creative mind,” said Elebiyo.

Enjoy street food from Zambia, or Cameroon, fresh beverages from Nigeria and Morocco. Explore the depth of Africa’s culinary culture and take a journey through food just in one sitting.

The brand message is simple, “wholesome and exquisite African dining that gives back.” As an immigrant and an African in America, we understand what it means to be in a new land, we understand the struggles, the financial strains, the fear, and the length of time it takes to get on one’s feet. That’s why with Vivy’s Eats we are working with local organizations and farms that cater to refugees and immigrants by providing jobs and allowing them to share their story through food. We want to tell their stories through food, we want to merge cultures.

Vivy’s Eats is telling the African experience through food and art and eating at Vivy’s Eats helps you to give back and helps you support local farmers, hunters, refugees, and immigrants. We will also be offering weekly cooking classes, and meal pick-up and delivery plans. “Vivy’s Eats was inspired by the chef’s African heritage of earthy ingredients, grown naturally, without wastage.

Our goal with the new pop-up restaurant is to bring exotic tastes to the community, create conversations, and provide a space for locals to explore the possibilities of the African cuisine”.  The first pop-up launches on April 6, 2019 with a 7-course meal, visit Eventbrite to register or email us for private reservations for upcoming dinners.

For more information or to be added to the pop-up mailing list and to get exclusive offers and specials, email hello@vivyseats.com.

Houston-based company to open African Fusion Pop-Up restaurant in Katy