Houston Housewives of Finance on a mission to change lives

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(Last Updated On: October 6, 2016)

Houston Housewives of Finance (HHOF) hosted an official launch party in the historic Sam Houston Hotel in downtown Houston amid a circle of family, friends and business associates and in a matter of months have expanded to include chapters in Beaumont, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Cleveland, and Chicago.

Houston Housewives of Finance CEO LaShonda Johnson – Photo credit: IPoetic Photography

Since launching earlier this year, co-founders, LaShonda Johnson and Toni Sanders, along with a growing network of brand affiliates, are on a mission to educate the masses on financial literacy to ensure that “no individual or family is left behind.”

Looking back, neither woman could have imagined that a casual comment in the lobby of a hotel on a 2015 business trip would spark the idea for a powerful collaboration with the potential to change countless lives.

“We came down to the lobby unintentionally dressed alike in the same colors,” recalls Sanders of the brief exchange, “and LaShonda said, ‘We look like the Houston Housewives of Finance.'”

The comment led Sanders to immediately create a Facebook page and within a span of 2 hours the page attracted more than 200 followers and Houston Housewives of Finance was born.

Sanders describes the name as “cool and catchy” and something that people gravitate to based on the Housewives reality TV series brand but without the drama.

Although the name of their growing brand came by chance, Johnson and Sanders dedication to empowering others in the area of financial literacy is a mutual and long-standing passion.

Johnson, who serves as CEO of HHOF, has worked more than 7 years as a certified financial educator for Transamerica/World Financial Group and understands the challenges individuals and families face in managing their finances.

“I understand from personal experiences what it’s like to work hard for money, spend it and not understand how to make my money work for me. I too have saved for years in savings accounts and watched nothing happen. I understand the fears of not knowing how you are going to retire and how to plan for it,” said Johnson.

As COO of the fast-growing brand, Sanders oversees merchandising, vendor relations, and company receivables and shares Johnson’s passion for empowering individuals through financial literacy and education.

Houston Housewives of Finance COO Toni Sanders – Photo credit: IPoetic Photography

“I bring the passion of wanting my community to win along with a burning desire to provide the best financial education to everyone – Baby Boomers, Generation X, Millennials, individuals, families, and small businesses,” said Sanders.

Houston Housewives of Finance is putting a new face on financial services as it introduces the topic of finance in unconventional settings from social mixers to book clubs to fitness workout classes to bingo nights as well as hosting traditional workshops and seminars in the community.

“Our goal is to provide life-changing financial education in progressive and interactive mediums as well as world class solutions through the top providers in the financial services industry,” said Johnson.

The pair also shares their financial expertise as host on the weekly podcast “The Money Factor” produced by Gary Lee of The Sphere TV where they discuss the latest financial topics from retirement planning to financial management to life insurance, and more. The show can be viewed on Mondays on iTunes, iHeart Radio, SoundCloud, Stitcher Radio and the Houston Housewives of Finance website. Johnson also hosts an online financial literacy blog on the group’s website and shares a wealth of financial knowledge as a guest columnist for Empower Magazine.

Forming Financial Literacy Alliances

The latest expansion of the HHOF brand includes an alliance with the Stafford Boys and Girls Club to offer financial empowerment classes to staff, parents, and youth.

Since their official launch in February of 2016, they have impacted the lives of hundreds of clients and are aligned with the WSB National Campaign for Financial Literacy in its effort to educate 1 million families by 2020.

“Our goal is to empower people financially to make better decisions when it comes to their money and provide options to products and services that they can understand and make an informative decision on what’s best for them,” said Sanders.

Personal Financial Journey

Former owner of a successful salon for more than 20 years, Sanders changed course to become a licensed financial professional in hopes of helping individuals, families, and small business leave legacies of generational wealth and education.

“All the money I made during all the years I worked, no one ever shared the financial concepts that I share today with my clients. Just knowing a few concepts we teach on an elementary level with discipline and consistency you can win,” said Sanders.

In collaboration with Johnson, she hopes to use her business expertise to help build the Houston Housewives of Finance into a national brand.

She believes procrastination and lack of knowledge are two of the biggest hurdles individuals face in managing their finances – something the pair hope to change.

“Knowledge is power, and knowledge plus action is powerful. You must apply it. Our services are complimentary and people still won’t and don’t take advantage of the educational workshops or the personal financial strategies,” said Sanders.

Johnson echoes her business partner’s sentiments. “The biggest objection or hurdle I’ve faced is the individuals who are unable to see their need and the procrastination of prioritizing time to receive the information to address it. Most people don’t feel they have a problem or they have become complacent with living a life of quiet desperation.

Empowering the Masses

Their goal is for Houston Housewives of Finance to be the go-to resource for financial education through Transamerica/WFG and to leave no person untouched in their quest to financially empower and educate the masses.

Johnson credits Xuan Nguyen, WFG executive chairman, founder and head coach of World System Builders, for laying the foundation for the financial services company’s success.

“We refer to him as Coach because he is actively dedicating countless hours of time perfecting a duplicatable system to mentor thousands of financial professionals. Xuan imparts wisdom and knowledge of 30-plus years experience to people like me who are seeking to build a solid business and redefine the parameters of the financial services industry,” said Johnson.

Bold Vision for Future

The enterprising business partners have a bold vision for the future of the Houston Housewives of Finance brand.

“Our goal is to continue building the brand and get more exposure so we can become a household name. I see the HHOF brand, in all 50 states including, Canada and Puerto Rico, as the resource for financial education and world class solutions through our agency, WFG,” said Sanders.


“In the next five years I would like to see a HHOF Chapter in every major city in the U.S., consistently bringing financial education to the masses and changing lives (of affiliates and individuals) for the better through HHOF,” concurs Johnson.

Johnson and Sanders are not alone in their mission and are excited that a growing number of HHOF chapters are forming across the country.

“Most are grateful for our vision, and others want to join us on our crusade of becoming the new faces of the new age of financial services,” said Sanders.

Look for the release of the Houston Housewives of Finance APP in coming weeks.  The app will allow people to contact us right from their cell phone and to have access to financial information at their fingertips.

Financial Education/Empowerment
(Financial Services through TransAmerica/WFG)
Life insurance
Final expenses
Retirement planning
College planning
Estate planning
Medicare Supplements & Advantage Plans,
Long Term Care
Legacy Planning
Debt Management
and much more

For more information or to schedule a personal financial consultation to discuss your financial management or life insurance needs, visit www.houstonhousewivesoffinance.com or call 1-844-700-HHOF (4463).

Houston Housewives of Finance on a mission to change lives