Innovative new event space provides HUB for women to network and create change

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(Last Updated On: September 20, 2018)

The RBRW Innovation Hub located inside the Social Graces Social Club’s clubhouse at GreenStreet, 1201 Fannin St, Suite 131, Houston, TX 77002 officially launches on September 22, 2018

Real Beauty Real Women (RBRW) celebrates the official launch of the RBRW Innovation Hub located inside the Social Graces Social Club’s clubhouse. The venue is one of the newest additions to GreenStreet, a more than 500,000-square-foot complex located in the heart of downtown Houston. RBRW’s hub for digital media and community impact merges beauty, glamour, and entertainment with social responsibility and innovation.

Real Beauty Real Women director Jacquelyn Aluotto founded the event space along with RBRW VP Anika Jackson Redick. The Social Graces Social Club was started by Redick as a way to connect civic-minded social entrepreneurs who believe in the collective and collaborative power of working together to create change. RBRW Foundation, a subset of the RBRW brand, creates direct community impact with a focus on poverty, civil rights, domestic violence, and anti-trafficking work. The RBRW Innovation Hub hosts free workshops with community partners to teach women and children to look at the world through fresh perspectives and hope for their futures.

“I feel blessed to be able to showcase what can be done when you merge beauty, glamour, and entertainment with social responsibility,” said Aluotto. “Our innovation hub impacts communities while changing the narrative of the dynamics of poverty, violence, and other exploitation. When you merge creativity, media, impact, and innovation you can change the world.”

The clubhouse opened in July and provides a space for kindness and inclusion. Women from the Santa Maria Hostel who have experienced poverty, domestic violence, substance abuse, and trafficking come to the hub to attend seminars and workshops held in partnership with organizations such as The Creativity Shell nonprofit, founded by Shelancia Daniel, which teaches workshops on sewing. They also learn expert-taught trades such as flower arranging, painting, making handbags, and creating journals entitled “Create Your Own Magic.” In addition to arts and crafts the women learn about economic empowerment, budgeting, and marketing.

“The workshops have been impactful, inspiring, empowering, motivational, exciting, and have helped the women to believe that anything is possible,” said Cynthia Turner-Robinson, Senior Director of Community Engagement for Santa Maria Hostel. “They are reassured of their worth and can now make an impact in the community.”

Photo caption: l-r, Jacquelyn Aluotto, Luiz Guzman, Farah Zulaikha, Ashlee Ray

Real Beauty Real Women has partnered with event production and design company MONRREAL & CO. to celebrate the grand opening of the RBRW Innovation Hub on Saturday, September 22, 2018. The event will feature a panel of celebrities and entertainment executives discussing how they use their platforms to influence and change the narrative of society. Celebrity panelists include Hollywood actor Luis Guzmán; United Nations ambassador for sex trafficking and Tiffany & Co. spokesperson and supermodel Farah Zulaikha; and TV personality and former foster child Ashlee Ray who appears on Shade 45, the popular SiriusXM uncensored hip-hop music channel created by rapper Eminem with 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Lil’ Wayne.

“MONRREAL & CO. is delighted to share a common space with Real Beauty Real Women,” said company founder Erik Monrreal. “Working with Jacquelyn and her team and having the ability to give back to the Houston community in such a positive, caring way has truly been a joy for us.”

The event will feature RBRW Innovative Impact Creators Awards to recognize fashionistas who dedicate their time and talents to the community. Honorees include: Luis Guzmán who starred in Aluotto’s docuseries the NIMBY Experience where went undercover as a homeless man for 72 hours to show poverty in America, Grammy award nominee Jordin Sparks (who appeared in an anti-sex-trafficking video campaign with Aluotto) and her nonprofit M.A.D. Girls, Inc., anti-sex-trafficking activist Kathryn Griffin-Griñán, Bishop James Dixon, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Anika Jackson Redick, filmmaker Jerri Duddleston Moore, talk show host Dr. Shellie Hipsky, NBA legend Tracy McGrady and wife CleRenda, and Constable Alan Rosen Precinct 1.  All honorees have worked with Aluotto on impacting communities through media, innovation, and advocacy.

Other areas in the RBRW Innovation Hub feature a media center where they teach youth how to make a difference through media. They work with kids from Bishop Dixon’s “Good Gang USA” program, which focuses on character development and empowering youth to become successful adults, and teaches them how to create their own conscious campaigns. One of the youth designed a video game for racial injustice. Hub space may also be reserved for use by the community at large. The organizers’ vision is to obtain the funding to serve all shelters in Houston that house women and children affected by the war on poverty and to provide them with the same skills and love that they currently provide for the Santa Maria Hostel.

About Real Beauty Real Women Foundation

Real Beauty Real Women Foundation is a 501(c)(3) creating direct community impact with a focus on poverty, civil rights, domestic violence, and anti-trafficking work. The mission of RBRW Foundation is to break the cycles of violence, poverty, homelessness, and abuse. RBRW Foundation changed legislation for sex trafficking in 2018 through the advocacy of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee. One of the most important ways we create change is through our RBRW Innovation Hub where we hold workshops with community partners and teach women and children to look at the world through fresh perspectives and hope for their futures. For more information visit,

Innovative new event space provides HUB for women to network and create change