“The Literary Experience” for authors, writers and bloggers

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(Last Updated On: March 9, 2017)

On Saturday, Nov. 5, 2016, The Literary Experience made a grand tour stop in Atlanta, Ga. Behind this insatiable event for authors, writers, bloggers, and magazine editors is Tamika Newhouse.

From teen mom to chief executive officer (CEO) by the age of 20, Newhouse, the author of 13 novels, has landed on numerous best sellers’ lists and is winner of eight African American Literary Awards. Only nine months after debuting her first novel in 2009, she landed a major publishing contract without an agent and went on to become the CEO of Delphine Publications. To date, she has published nearly 150 titles, launched the careers of hundreds of writers, and produces the only entertainment award show for African American writers, called the AAMBC Literary Awards.

Tamika Newhouse

In 2010, she was inducted into Who’s Who in Black San Antonio. In 2011, her company (Delphine Publications) won an African American Literary Award for Best Anthology. And, for the second time, Newhouse won Self Published Author of the Year.  The National Women in Business Association also nominated her for the 2011 Entrepreneurial Spirit Award. In 2013, she was honored with the Author of Distinction E. Lynn Harris Award.

Newhouse has quickly become the Shonda Rhimes in Black publishing due to her creative skills in discovering talent, her unique events that feature celebrities from across the nation, and for being the creator of AAMBC, one of the most influential brands in the publishing industry. She presently tours the country speaking about overcoming teen pregnancy to fulfill her dream as well as teaching aspiring writers the publishing ropes.

Although Newhouse was getting suited up to go on camera for a visual arts taping, she took time to speak with Empower Magazine. She shared with EM some very important and relevant points about her powerhouse endeavors such as The Literary Experience, multiple books and AAMBC Awards showcasing authors, writers, magazine editors, artists, and bloggers.

Tell the reader about The Literary Experience and vision for authors.

The Literary Experience (LE) incorporates a party setting for authors, writers, bloggers and social media artists to be amidst their art and published works; and to socialize, as well as get exposure.  An attendee would quickly recognize the diverse and alluring atmosphere the Literary Experience offers. “Writers can have fun in a social literary art setting.”

How does your business empower others to succeed?

The Literary Experience challenges artists to be creative in an atypical setting for book signings and to connect with readers. The LE gives the author an opportunity to make selling books unique, engaging and up-close and personal with reader and aspiring fan bases.

What inspired you to want to start The Literary Experience and empower authors?

I wanted to be an advocate for Black Women through exposure, and as a writer and artist. I can relate to being stuck when trying to find new readers. I wanted to find a unique way to expose us and get to know what we are doing.

Who empowers you?

Terry McMillian at age 12 inspired me. I saw her film, Stella Got Her Groove Back, inspired by a book.  Since then I was inspired and confessed to everyone I would write a novel since I saw an example of a Black woman who did it.  Now day’s people who say that I inspire them now inspire me.

What would be a personal quote you can share with the reader?

I tell people don’t wait for an opportunity, create one for yourself.  Everything I have done has been done by self-effort and has worked.

How can one get engaged with The Literary Experience, AAMBC Awards or Tamika Newhouse, the author, speaker, and artist?

Panelist and featured authors at the event
Panelist and featured authors at the event

So far, the Literary Experience has stopped in Atlanta, Ga, Charlotte, NC, New York, NY, New Orleans, La, Los Angeles, Ca. and Chicago, Il. We are always looking to engage artists. Those who want inclusion can do so by connecting on social media at www.tamikanewhouse.com; Litish.com for The Literary Experience or award show; and at AAMBCAwards.com for the annual Book Club awards.

Artist submissions for award nominees or inclusion in The Literary Experience as a writing artist (e.g., author, blogger, media), is only a click away. The Literary Experience awaits your inquiry.

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www.litish.com for Literary Experience


Contributed by F. Smith. (Empower Magazine in Atlanta, Ga.). To learn more about the author, visit www.queendreamz.com.

“The Literary Experience” for authors, writers and bloggers