Views from the Top: A Woman in Business on Monetizing Your Passion

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(Last Updated On: February 12, 2015)

Ebony Porter-Ike, president of epiMedia Group LLC

“Shine the light on another, yours will still burn brightly.”

Shining the light on another means that when we see a woman in business making a difference in terms of empowering others we have to take a moment to shine the light on her. Here’s a woman in business speaking to us from the top because Ebony Porter-Ike, president of epiMedia Group LLC is certainly at the top of her profession making a way for others to shine their lights brightly for all to see.

That being the case, EM Columnist Felicia is yet again shining the light on an Atlanta business leader who has taken the task and noble responsibility to maximize the exposure of others by representing them in her PR Firm. Ebony is a business leader and jewel of a resource for those who need lights shined on their businesses, products, nonprofit organizations, entertainers, and so forth. Her business model simply provides exposure to clients on a national level. In other words, she shines the light on their businesses for all to see.

With over 15 years of strong business consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies in the space of mergers and acquisitions, the energy and public sectors, and entertainment, Ebony has been seen as the “Go To Person” for resuscitation of failing businesses and the guru for assisting new start-ups with a comprehensive marketing plan and objective. With a clear view of business, she has  brokered deals for reality shows and produced large-scale entertainment and fashion events. With a MBA in international management and a certified Six Sigma Black Belt, Ebony has successfully guided new product development projects off shore to provide maximum return for her clients. Her experience is unparalleled and unique in nature. Ebony has been featured in business magazines and journals, blogs, and has spoken at numerous entrepreneurial conferences. Her passion is to assist other entrepreneurs through the process of monetizing their passion.

Q:Tell us about your business.

The primary focus of The epiMediaGroup, LLC is to assist our clients with executing on their dreams or maximizing their potential.We are a national public relations and marketing firm that specializes in maximizing our client’s exposure while increasing their overall revenue.

Q: How does your business empower others to succeed?

We are a full service boutique public relations firm that currently works with Fortune 500 companies, start-up firms, athletes, entertainers, civil rights icons and non-profit organizations.   Our breadth of experience lends us the ability to assist with a wide range of clientele.  Our focus is “Successful Results” for our clients by providing “out of the box” solutions.

Q: What inspired you to want to start your business and empower others?

I have always been an entrepreneur, actually every since I was a teenager. I have started, run and divested multiple companies.   I realized that the key to all success is within strategy, marketing and promotions.  You can have a great idea, product or service but if no one knows about your business then it will fail.  I began realizing that I had a gift in helping others succeed in business. With my years of education, work experience, relationships and my entrepreneurial expertise I decided to start my own firm.

Q: Who empowers you?

Other successful women empower me. I become automatically charged when I surround myself with women who are taking charge of their careers and raising their families. In addition, I’m a mother of 2 and married. My family’s continued support has been very influential in my success.

You see it’s true, shining the light on another means your candle can still burn brightly. Take a moment to reflect on your goals and note how you want to monetize your passion as Ebony says.

When we think about where to start on our own marketing efforts, professionals such as Ebony and the epiMedia Group are a resource. Will you too be a person viewing life from the top because you took the opportunity to chase your dreams and monetize your passion?

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Views from the Top: A Woman in Business on Monetizing Your Passion