Entrepreneurship NOW Spotlight on Chris Jackson – Wisdom Coach / Counselor

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(Last Updated On: December 30, 2020)

Chrisalorus C. G. Jackson, Sr. (Chris Jackson) is a successful Wisdom (Life) Coach and Counselor. Mr. Jackson was gracious enough to accept an invitation from Empower Magazine and Cherished Community Investments to become the first in a series of “Entrepreneurship NOW” Spotlight posts.

To showcase his success amid a lingering COVID-19 pandemic, Empower Magazine connected with Mr. Jackson via a recent ZOOM Interview session. EM found Chris to be extremely engaging and transparent in his responses offered during the following Q&A.

Tell us a little bit about your business – Master-mind Wisdom Coaching and Counseling.

I started Christian counseling in 2002 and launched Master-mind Wisdom Coaching and Counseling in 2014. It came out of my desire to help people. I’m an insurance salesman by trade. I’ve been in and out of a lot of people’s homes and found that what most of them were fighting about was over money. I found myself becoming a referee in helping folk on how to deal with their money. And most people I found didn’t have a relationship with money. Therefore, they treated it any old kind of way.

So, with encouragement from my wife, I went back to school and got certain credentials and certifications. And, what I have done is developed my skills into what I call Wisdom Coaching and Counseling. One of my sayings is “Common Sense ain’t Common.”  

Through my business, I host a series of webinars. And what I’m hoping attendees walk away with from my upcoming free webinar are some tangible choices that will benefit them going forward. I think that for most of us during this pandemic, we’re having to spend so much time with ourselves. In so doing, those choices we’ve had to make have caused us to regress or progress. I believe what I offer is needed more so now because it helps people to get along better and helps them to understand that there is more to them then what’s on the surface.

Is one of the specific topics covered during your free webinar tied to the COVID pandemic?

It is. I do a thing on loss and grief, not just the physical death, but the loss of our freedom, our own imagination. If memory serves me right, we’ve had more divorces and domestic violence due to COVID, because we’re stressed being pushed together in such a way that if you don’t have a good relationship with your spouse; if you can’t figure out how to laugh, then you will figure out how to be destructive. This COVID shutdown or meltdown has created uncertainty versus certainty because we were certain that we could leave the house and do whatever we wanted. You can’t leave the house and do whatever you want to now.    

What person has had the greatest impact on your life and inspired you to do what you do right now?

I do have one person in mind and, fortunately or unfortunately, it falls back on my father. As far as most men are concerned, your father can do no wrong until you find out he’s done wrong. For me, I look up to him and try to emulate what my father has done. He was quite a popular person. He came up along the time of black folks being integrated, but he was a coach, teacher, principal, and superintendent of a black school district. So, people looked up to him. He and my grandfather had a regal look about them. When they stepped into the room you knew something about that person was important – on occasions I’ve tried to emulate that. It was my father who I would try to gain affection and attention from because he was a leader. So, following my father was very important to me because he was a leader who helped a lot of people.  

What was your former profession and how did it prepare you for your current business venture?

Well my former profession and what’s still a part of my profession is insurance; all kinds of insurance. That prepared me along with a lot of the other volunteer stuff I’ve done to talk to people on any level whether they were college educated or folks underneath the bridge. I’ve acquired the ability to bridge gaps with men, women, old people and children. As a matter of fact, old people and children really like me.

Which is more rewarding for you, the coaching or counseling aspect of your business?

The counseling aspect is more rewarding because what I deal with is people going through transitions in life; whether it be divorce, death, job, children or even business. Business people have personal lives. If your personal life is messed up, then your business will be messed up. We tend to display openly what goes on inwardly. So, when a businessperson shows up and is not willing to listen to any of their employees, advisors or even their spouse; one of those relationships isn’t going to last long. So, I tend to work on the business owner’s inner-person.

In what ways has being a business owner/entrepreneur affected your family life?

Being an entrepreneur is about accepting a leadership role in society. I have the opportunity to control my destiny. I have the freedom to spend my time doing what’s important to me. I have unlimited earning possibilities and the chance to leave my family a legacy.

Share the principle or motto that guides/directs your life goals and decisions.

It’s a simple rule; choose to do unto others as you would choose them to do unto you.

What would people be surprised to know about you?

I look 46 years old and have been married to the same woman for 46 years.

Some other interesting and important facts about Chris Jackson: He has a BS Degree in Biblical Psychology and is a Certified Christian Counselor, Cognitive Behavior Trainer, Neuro Linguistic Practitioner, Agape Communications Trainer, and Choice Theory Instructor.

To Sign up for his Free Webinar “New Year New Choices” on December 31, 2020, click here.

Here’s how you can reach out to Chris Jackson:

Email: mastermindwisdomcoach@gmail..com

Website: www.mastermindwisdom.org

Facebook: Master-Mind Wisdom Coaching

Instagram: @mastermindwisdomcoach  

Entrepreneurship NOW Spotlight on Chris Jackson – Wisdom Coach / Counselor