Frenchy’s: Carrying on a Family Legacy

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(Last Updated On: July 18, 2015)

A Personal Account of the Early Beginnings of Frenchy’s

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Niece Novelle Jones Photo credit: Pics by LV

Niece Novelle Jones, who was by Percy Creuzot’s side in the beginning and still helps run the business today, shares insights on Frenchy’s early days.

In the spring of 1969, my Uncle Percy contacted me to help him start a New Orleans-style sandwich shop. Having been born and raised in the city, the transition seemed natural. So I agreed. He had a dream of bringing Creole cuisine to Houston and I feel fortunate to have been a part of it. I think he had a vision beyond anyone’s expectation.

On July 3, 1969 The Frenchy train left the station to embark down the track of the unknown with only two cars, the engine (Mr. Creuzot) and the caboose (me). He led the way and I followed close behind. We had no idea what to expect, but we were determined to give it a shot. Failure was never an option. So with $300 in seed money, we began.

My uncle worked a full-time job which left me responsible for the daily preparation and running of the business. This was sometimes overwhelming, but I pushed forward. Learning from the ground up is the best way to learn.

Day after day, I went to work and prepared for the day’s business not knowing whether I was going to have a customer, but was ready in case I did. I spent a lot of my days sitting in the window watching the restaurant across the street flourish wishing it was us. This went on for weeks. The only time we might get a few customers would be after the other place closed. We tried to make our business marketable by creating daily specials which helped our day business a little, but did not make enough of a difference.

At the suggestion of a neighbor, my uncle decided to add chicken to our menu. He seasoned the chicken like we did at my grandmother’s house and the rest is history.

We then had to expand our equipment to accommodate the demand. We were then better able to serve the students at the surrounding universities. We eventually became the place to eat. Chicken then became our number “1” seller.

My uncle was able to take a leave of absence from his full-time job to oversee our business and to help with sales and quality control. He preached consistency. The taste of the food had to be the same every day. I learned that if you can’t do it right the first time when were you going to have time to do it over.

My aunt and uncle taught me the value of hard work pays off. They joined forces to build a solid business that has continued to grow.

I am very proud to see the heights to which Frenchy’s has grown. It makes me feel that I did something good with my life. I don’t think that I would be the strong and grounded woman that I am if it were not for my uncle’s belief and love for me. He is looking down and smiling that his dream came true.

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Frenchy’s Locations

Frenchy’s Chicken

566 FM 1960 West Ste. C.

Houston, TX 77073

Frenchy’s #14 Aldine/JFK

4203 Aldine Mail Route

Houston, TX 77039

Frenchy’s – Atascocita

122 Atascocita Road

Humble, TX 77396

Frenchy’s – Baytown

4609 Garth Rd.

Baytown, TX 77521

Frenchy’s #13 Crosby

14278 FM 2100 Ste. A

Crosby, TX 77532

Frenchy’s – Cullen

12805 Cullen Blvd.

Houston, TX 77047

Frenchy’s #17 S. Dairy Ashford

3455 S. Dairy Ashford

Houston, TX 77082

Frenchy’s – South Fuqua

11051 Fuqua St.

Houston, TX 77089

Frenchy’s #19 – N. Gessner

8110 Sam Houston Pkway., West

Houston, TX 77064

Frenchy’s #12 – Katy

19221 W. Little York Ste. 400

Katy, TX 77449

Frenchy’s #15 Kirkwood

6815 Kirkwood Rd.

Houston, Texas

Frenchy’s #24 Little York & Antoine

6314 Antoine Dr.

Houston, TX 77091

Frenchy’s – Missouri City #21

1737 FM 2234 TX Parkway

Missouri City, TX 77489

Frenchy’s #16 MLK

5836 MLK

Houston, Texas

Frenchy’s Chicken, LLC

802 Rankin Road, Ste. A1

Houston, TX 77073

Frenchy’s #18 – Tidwell

5588 North Freway

Houston, Texas 77076

Frenchy’s | Carrying on a Family Legacy

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