Green Matters

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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

By Carletta Waddler

Greening your business can be as simple as replacing light bulbs or as ambitious as building a zero-energy efficient community.

Whatever your goals, there are local, regional and national resources available to assist in reaching those goals. During the months ahead we will address a variety of environmental topics. If at any time you would like to offer an opinion or suggest a topic, I can be reached at

Perhaps we should begin with an introduction to Sustainable Training Services, LLC. Sustainable Training Services was created to provide economic development and job creation programs in the green building sciences and to deliver quality training to small and minority business in those disciplines. Moreover, we coordinate resources, training and outreach and partnership development. Our programs provide real job growth and practical training that offer ideas and strategies to small and minority businesses that can be used daily to improve their business operations and enhance their career paths.

The need is real. There is a lack of training, certification and licensing of minority and small businesses hindering them from participating in energy retrofit and weatherization programs. This same lack of training also serves as a deterrent in green building and government contracting opportunities.

The five program areas that encompass STS’s training initiatives are as follows:

  • Energy-Efficiency Training Programs
  • Green Building Training Programs
  • Government Contracting
  • Career Development
  • Sustainability Workshops

Sustainability and energy efficiency training offers unique opportunities to be an effective and successful contractor. Please visit our website at for additional information.

Carletta Waddler, president and founder of Sustainable Training Services, LLC and EcoMaintenance, LLC, is a columnist for Green Matters, a regularly featured column of EMPOWER Magazine devoted to informing the community of cutting-edge green initiatives in the lives of individuals and businesses. She aims to enlighten, encourage and, hopefully inspire readers to take steps to make “green” transformations in their lives.