Have More Than One “Egg” in Your Basket

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(Last Updated On: August 29, 2014)

Are you a current student, recent college grad, or perhaps a seasoned worker or business owner?

Are you entertaining the thought of reinventing yourself in a new career?

When a student enters college, he or she is required to determine a major and a minor course of study. Whether you believe it or not, you are talented enough to accomplish more than a single-track path in life. I say this because we are becoming more and more familiar with the term, dual career path, or an altogether new career. This idea confirms that, yes; we may major in one field and minor in another.

Is it taboo to focus on more than one thing? Or is that actually a good thing, since the world of business, jobs, and the employment arena — whether you are a contractor, employee, employer, or consultant — is constantly changing? We have to face the ever-evolving economy in which we work and prepare ahead of the curve in order to cultivate and master our skills in order to adapt.

In the past it was more common for one to work in his or her respective field for 20-plus years. Others may have only worked for one company during their entire lifetime or career. Well, whether we asked for this new transitional lifestyle of instability in the business and job marketplace or not, we have to have more than one egg in the basket. What does that look like? Good question, since God says in Matthew 25:15 that we are talented. Seek that inner voice which more often than not has told you to launch a new career when your old career no longer suits your inner needs to thrive and feel relevant in your field.

The first order of business is to determine your major (passion and purpose) versus your minor (an alternative choice just to earn wages). In other words, consider what eggs you will possess in your basket.

Is that day job as a teacher and your love for children your major? If so, then is the time you spend dreaming about and admiring Pinterest pictures of those posted by event planners and their works insignificant? Or are you that accountant that loves numbers, but also desires to work as a little league football coach, mentor, or something else that fuels your inner passion?You know there is more in you than just one thing.

My suggestion is a simple plan to major in one field and minor in the other. After all, I see it as wise to manage your basket well and have options at the end of the day so that you aren’t suffering when one field, job, or position you hold has become obsolete with our ever-evolving economies and business models.

What is your major? Your major = your passion, your inner desire to work and thrive in your career.

Plan A:

Explore options in your field of passion and purpose. Understand that the traditional one-track career mindset may no longer suit your ability to be happy in your vocation or occupational endeavors. When you explore your new endeavors, you allow yourself to become a forward thinker, and one who can live outside the box.

How about your minor? Your minor = your current job or business model that you’re good at but, at the end of the day, no longer brings true fulfillment to sustain you a lifetime.

Plan B:

Formulate a plan to work your Plan B (minor) while you’re cultivating your Plan A (major). Before you know it, your growth would have met you at the point of satisfaction. Besides, who doesn’t like the idea of having options? When you don’t have options you are susceptible to change for which you have not prepared.

Overall, it truly is okay to have both a major and a minor. God says you have gifts, talents, and abilities; in other words, you have more than one egg in your basket. He equipped us this way just in case the one egg breaks, you have options.

Your career path is tied to having a Major and a Minor.

Have More Than One “Egg” in Your Basket

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Have More Than One “Egg” in Your Basket