Houston Women’s Leadership Summit kicks off virtual conference on Sept. 24

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(Last Updated On: September 23, 2020)

The Houston Women’s Leadership Summit goes virtual this year as organizers kick off their annual summit on Sept. 24 from 2 – 4:30 p.m. to empower, inspire and educate women. It is online this year due to COVID but now also includes monthly speakers by dial-in and a pass to next year’s in-person summit when safe (all covered in this year’s registration fee). The virtual summit will feature multiple speakers and will be recorded for later viewing for individuals unable to attend the live session.

The organization’s leadership committee has been working hard to transform this temporary safety disruption into a great year-long experience with a series of inspiring and educational women’s leadership topics and success stories. “Together we will get past this dark hour in history and rebuild an even greater future,” said Shelly Fitzgerald, Houston Women’s Leadership Summit planning director.

An overview of the planned summit is provided below:

A. Summit Overview

2:00 pm – Welcome and Introduction.
by Shelly Fitzgerald, Houston Women Leaders.

2:05 pm – Panel: Building Your Value in Normal and Crisis Times.
by Panelists: Jody Denney Vazquez of Northern-Trust, Celeste Koon of Halliburton, Ana Giorgi of JPMorgan, Aparna Dave of Wells-Fargo, Texas.

3:00 pm – Keynote: Life Is What Happens When You Don’t Plan It.
by Juli Grettenberger, Vice President, Morgan-Stanley.Texas

3:30 pm – Panel: Leading During COVID-19: Keep Your Team Going Through the Chaos
by Panelists: Lisa Wadlington of Chevron, Rebekah Reed of NASA, Renee Gervais of KB Home Houston, Brandi Dees of CBRE Texas.

4:30 pm – Conclusion and Upcoming Monthly Speakers Schedule (included).
by Shelly Fitzgerald, Houston Women Leaders.

B. Future Monthly Web Dates
Please mark these future monthly web dates from 2-3 pm ET for an hour each (recorded for your convenience).

  • Oct 1, Nov 9, Dec 1, Jan 11, Feb 8, Mar 8, Apr 12 2021 (the May and later 2021 dates will be announced soon).
    (featuring top women leaders from Southwest Airlines, Symantec, Vanderbilt, Cox, Microsoft, and many more).

C. Online Resources
You will find past meetings recorded (also completion certificates if you track your development hours), upcoming dates, key articles, book summaries, mentoring resources and more by logging in and your registration includes a full year’s access.

For more information, visit http://houstonwomenleaders.org/.