The Business Coach: Making the Sale in 2012

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(Last Updated On: September 26, 2013)

By Leon Jenkins, co-owner, DYP, Inc.

SALE – SALE – SALE! You are in business to make a SALE. But, there is one major and troubling problem, nothing you have tried seems to work. Well, have no fear; the “Art-of-the-Sale” is near.

There are truly countless articles, books and websites on the key principles to success at selling, but what I have discovered in mastering the Art-of-the-Sale is that your best approach is to stick to some basic, simple and universal principles to selling, so here goes.


It is imperative that you know your product or service backward and forward to the point where you can sell it in your sleep.


Making a sale requires that you are able to explain to a potential customer/client how what you are selling is of benefit to them or how it will solve their problem.


You have to ensure that things are in place to make it easy for the customer/client to make the purchase – check, cash, money order, credit or debit card.


Dress professionally, dress to impress, go the extra mile to look your best, dress for success to make the sale.


Maintain a positive and welcoming attitude and disposition, but don’t overdo it.


Make your potential customer/client feel comfortable and appeal to one of their basic needs by asking a few questions and listening. Active listening will allow you to implement your needs action plan to make the sale. “What I have for you is the answer to your prayers.”


Stay current with what’s going on in your business market or industry in order to routinely work on improving your product or service sales pitch.

Now – Go for it! You can do it! Go ahead – Make the SALE!




The Business Coach: Making the Sale in 2012