Missouri City brothers making an impact with baking business with a philanthropic twist

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(Last Updated On: January 14, 2021)

Photo credit: 2 Bros. in the Kitchen

When did you first develop an interest in entrepreneurship in your early childhood, or did that come later in your teenage years?

We don’t remember exactly when we developed an interest in entrepreneurship.  Maybe we were born with it. From as far back as we can remember, we always had a desire to earn money. Our baking business is not our first business.  We had a tutoring and cleaning business before 2 Brothers in the Kitchen.  

What inspired the two of you to launch 2 Bros. in the Kitchen? 
Owning a baking business was not on our radar, even though we always loved baking. It wasn’t until we won a baking competition and people started requesting cakes from us that we realized how good our cakes were. For a year, we only offered strawberry and coconut cakes. Now we offer over ten flavors.

Describe your goals for the business and the impact you have had since launch.

Our goal is to learn valuable life skills and give back to others. Leading by example is the most significant impact we have made in our community. Some of the ways we lead by example are teaching other youth how to start a business, giving food to the homeless, and encouraging others.

Share the values that your parents instilled in you that inspire you to give back to others.

Our parents always told us to give back to the ones that helped us get to where we are. As our business started to grow, we realized the opportunity we had to positively impact our community. In the beginning, we did small things, such as donating cakes. Later we moved to more organized charity work such as the 2C Someone Project, which is dedicated to encouraging others, and Sweet Compassion, a project we created to show teachers compassion by surprising them with cookies.

What has been the most significant challenge you have encountered in your business?

The most significant challenges we faced in our business were inventory and time management.  For example, we often would fail to check our inventory before we started orders, which resulted in us having to stop processing the order until we got the necessary supplies. We used to always overstock on items or not have enough of others. Our poor time management made us have to cram some orders, causing the product to be below our standards.

What has been the most fulfilling aspect of launching this venture? 

The most fulfilling aspect of launching this venture has been giving back to the community. Seeing people’s needs being fulfilled is rewarding.  In 2019, we donated funds to a hospital in Zimbabwe so they could fix the waterline to provide flushable toilets. This small act restored dignity to the patients. Last year, we had the honor of hosting an award ceremony for youth who were negatively affected by COVID-19. The award ceremony allowed them time to escape and just be kids. 

When did you become Mensa members, and what do you enjoy most about being a part of this esteemed group?

We were accepted into Mensa in 2017. Being part of a group with other youth who think like us is amazing. What we love most about being in Mensa is meeting people from all around the world who are passionate about learning and critical thinking. 

As small business owners and philanthropists, how do you balance your studies and entrepreneurial pursuits?

We try to have set days to work on our business and school work. We set aside  Mondays through Wednesdays for our school work. Thursday and Fridays are set aside for our business and charity work. Of course, every week doesn’t always work out seamlessly, but we make it work.  Balance is key to getting things done and not burning out.

Fun Facts About Shane and Nigel

Favorite movie: Avengers Endgame

Favorite motto/inspirational quote: Others only bring up your past when they are intimidated by your present

Favorite motto/inspirational quote: Others only bring up your past when they are intimidated by your present

Last book you both read: Amos Fortune

Who You Look Up to Most: This is a hard question. We have so many role models in our life.  It is virtually impossible to choose one person.

Favorite Hobby/Pastime: Video games

Missouri City brothers making an impact with baking business with a philanthropic twist