Network Marketing By Jeff Campbell

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(Last Updated On: September 18, 2013)

Network marketing has been given a bad name over the past few years.  It’s been called a pyramid by some, a ponzi scheme by others and some have gone as far as to say it is a system that takes advantage of people; none of these could be further from the truth.

Network marketing, aka, multi-level marketing is a business model that relies on a network of distributors to grow a business.  Network marketing typically involves using three basic types of systematic strategies to make money:

* Lead generation: To locate new prospects

* Recruiting: adding customers and/or businesses to your network

* Building and management: methods you use to train, motivate and manage your recruits.

I do not believe a network marketing business is for everyone.  However, if you are thinking about starting a network marketing business, I believe you will find some of the hidden opportunities and values a network marketing business can offer you; values that many people often fail to see.  In other words, there is far more to a network marketing business than just the chance to make some extra money.

There are three secrets to growing wealth:

1. You need to own a business.  No one becomes wealthy by being an employee.

2. You need a team.  No one gets wealthy working alone.

3. You need residual income; perform a task once and get paid for  it many times.

A network marketing business can offer you all three at the same time.  In his book, The Business School, Robert Kiyosaki says, “The richest people in the world build networks.  Everyone else is trained to look for work.”  Many people have acquired great wealth building a network marketing business.  If you would like to start a network marketing business I am here to show you how.

By Jeff Campbell, Organo Gold Independent Distributor