Profit versus paycheck. Start your business now or later? N.O.W.

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(Last Updated On: July 9, 2014)

NO OTHER WAY to your success!

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When you’re at work as an employee, your boss owns your time. Therefore, carefully chart your plans for being the employer versus simply settling for the employee. You have to act N.O.W. because you have NO OTHER WAY unless you want to continue being on the bottom instead of the top!

I say this because it is not uncommon for people to want to attain a level of success in life. More often than not, the successful people are those who operate, own and are chiefly in charge of their destiny, vision, and, ultimately, their own companies.

We don’t have to simply live by the wayside as we watch our peers climb the ladder of peace, solitude and fulfillment. We all are called to attain God’s supreme plan which encompasses living in abundance.

Now, everyone’s definition of abundance can be different, but in business it’s success. Success for some could be a profitable business, and for others it is a business that is sustained through a rough economic downward spiral; however, that definition is personal to every business owner and may vary from person to person. That being said, the common idea is success in life whether it is minor or major. To get it, you must act N.O.W.

Why N.O.W.?

Because you have NO OTHER WAY to your dreams becoming a reality if you’ve opted for the course of working on a dead end job or if you have no other option to fulfill your inner vision of running your own company.  N.O.W. is the best option to walk it out step by step.The first step? Make a decision to move forward beyond the mundane option of working for someone when that someone is meant to be you.

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You LOSE what you don’t USE.

Did you know that many claim their lives by suicide on Monday morning? Why? Well, it’s simple. They hate their jobs, their professions and career tracks. Hence they lack zeal, passion, happiness and have opted for mediocre, boring, passive, and uninspiring work, jobs and environments that don’t inspire their creativity.

God has made us creative, inspirational, innovative, skillful people and has put everything in us to walk out life in fulfillment utilizing our full capacity. In fact God says that we are royalty (1 Peter 2:9).

In your own business there is a zeal, a passion, a desire to continue to be fed daily as you work on that project, that contract, that book, the real estate deal, the clientele that comes into your hair salon, your corporate entity and all the aspects of business. There’s an inner confidence that propels when you know you’ve followed your heart and pursued your goals in business; the opposite is simply dissatisfaction and limitation.

It costs to be the boss.

I will caution you though. It costs to be the boss! The ability to make it in business can be as hard as it seems, but you can make it when you really want to make it. While this notion of success may seem like the dream from day one, work has to be done to make it, but again, you can. If you’re not willing to work at your business at all costs, then the comfort of a paycheck will continue to await you. Know that the comfort of a paycheck has a cost too, your happiness and life’s limitations because of the unseen ceiling when working for others — especially when you are not in love with your job!

If not You then who? If not NOW then when?

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Because you are an entrepreneur at heart, you are someone’s solution. The difference between being an entrepreneur versus simply an employee is that you will solve people’s problem in your business for a profit.Profit versus paycheck? You decide but in the interim, wake up the sleeping giant within you and become a solution-provider in your business.

Within you lies potential, a purpose, a plan, a vision, a calling and a journey that God has already ordained and laid out for you to accomplish. In that, there is a strategic path for your success in business once you fully explore it. As an employee, you are limited, but in business, the sky is your limitation which is un-ending from our natural eyesight. Success is not a prerequisite for being successful in your own business.

So it is possible for you to become a business owner and one that is successful. Do what you have to do to bring out the sleeping giant within you. A business solution to the world awaits and it is lying within you!

Felicia Smith is an author of J-O-B: Journey Over Broke, Transforming from the Employee to the Employer, and Certified Workforce Coach. Felicia’s mission is to work to educate the public about their efforts of seeking work but more importantly their purpose in entrepreneurship. For more information contact Felicia by visiting