Project P.U.S.H.! encourages women to P.U.S.H.

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(Last Updated On: November 2, 2015)

If you have ever hoped to be purposeful, unstoppable, success-bound and hope-filled, the inaugural Project P.U.S.H! women’s empowerment conference was the place to be on last Friday.

The nonprofit, launched by motivational speaker, talk show host and writer, CleRenda McGrady, kicked off the organization’s first conference to a packed-room of women ready to learn to push their way to fulfilling their dreams and achieving their full potential.

The day-long conference, emceed by Houston’s Se7en The Poet, featured empowering, information-packed presentations from a powerful selection of women.  The line-up of speakers included McGrady; Valorie Burton, best-selling author, speaker and founder of The Coach and Positive Psychology Institute; Gari Meacham, executive coach, author, trainer and radio host; Jacquie Hood Martin, author of Fulfilled: The Art and Joy of Balanced Living, and Deborah Crain, business attorney and sports agent.

A panel of women, including Wadeana Porter-Williams, Melanie Johnson and Verenda Hodge, rounded out the event by sharing their powerful testimonies of achieving and overcoming against the odds.

Chi, a conference attendee who works with her husband’s oil and gas business in Africa, expressed excitement about the opportunity to hear insights from conference speakers.

“I like being challenged by my fellow women, women that have made it and been out there. Somebody I can look up to and say – if she can do it, I can do it, nothing is impossible for me,” said Chi.

Presenters did not disappoint and shared a wealth of information, including several inspiring and insightful take aways, with attendees:

  • Your vision was given to You and for You so it’s okay if others don’t understand or “get it.” – CleRenda McGrady
  • Sometimes in the midst of your vision you will feel like you won’t make it.”  – Deborah Crain
  • Money will never fulfill you until you are in the purpose God has for you. – Valorie Burton
  • Pain does not define us, it is designed to refine us. – Gari Meacham
  • When it is time to “do” that is not the time to get ready. – Jacquie Hood Martin

The event, hosted at Noah’s House, included breakfast and lunch provided by conference host and sponsors, music by DeeJay Supastar, and concluded with attendees joining McGrady on stage for a photo to commemorate the first class of P.U.S.H.! conference attendees.

For more information on Project P.U.S.H! and future events, visit

Project P.U.S.H.! encourages women to P.U.S.H.