The Business Coach: The Team Concept

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(Last Updated On: August 15, 2014)

Many of those who have read or heard of “the T.E.A.M. concept” have never actually experienced it. Why? Because of the failings in leadership.





Developing the T.E.A.M. concept in any business or organization requires a strong leader who possesses the skillsets for developing teamwork. T.E.A.M. concept leaders are extremely skillful at developing the following workplace norms amongst theirs staff/employees.

  1. Trust and respect
  2. Overlap job training and development (OJTD)
  3. The extra-effort (E2) attitude or mindset
  4. A shared sense of accomplishment
  5. Group loyalty and camaraderie

Trust and Respect are foundational to maximizing the effectiveness in T.E.A.M. A skilled leader must lead by example in this area of team development. How you as a leader communicate and interact with your team members will ultimately determine the level of trust and respect realized throughout the team.

With a good measure of trust and respect in place, it is so much easier to conduct “cross training” or what I refer to as overlap job training and development. OJTD is essential to an effective operation especially when you have few employees and you want to avoid burnout, or you need to implement an effective leave/vacation policy.

The extra-effort attitude is also easily accomplished with a high degree of trust and respect in place. The E2 attitude is one where any member of the team does not mind pitching in to get the job done even when it does not fall within that team member’s job description. The E2 attitude is an extremely strong indicator of the T.E.A.M. concept at work.

A shared sense of accomplishment comes when everyone on the team is routinely doing their part or even a little bit more to ensure that the job or task is done on time and to a standard of excellence.

Group loyalty and camaraderie is inevitably the business or work place norm that every T.E.A.M. concept lead operation routinely experiences. Indeed – Together Everybody Achieves More where there is confident, competent and effective leadership willing to put forth the extra effort to optimize the T.E.A.M. concept.


1.     22 ½ years of extremely successful and effective leadership training and development in the United States Army. (Business Coach)

2.     14 + years of T.E.A.M. leadership experience in the civilian workforce. (Business Coach)