The Business Coach: The Leadership Test

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(Last Updated On: November 29, 2013)

Do You Have What It Takes?

By Leon Jenkins

Behind every consistently successful and expanding business is a highly competent and respected leader. Leadership is the key.

Highly effective leaders in business are a rare breed, mainly because few leaders possess the key characteristics and attributes needed to realize ongoing business success. The highly effective and consistently successful leaders:

  • lead by example.
  • are visionaries / BIG thinkers.
  • possess the utmost integrity.
  • set high, but obtainable personal and team goals.
  • are pro-active and results-oriented.
  • are always learning.
  • know when and how to delegate.
  • are very competent communicators who provide clear guidance and direction.
  • know how to inspire loyalty and motivate others to achieve optimum results.
  • understand the importance of evaluating by inspecting.
  • are extremely skilled in conflict resolution and problem solving.
  • understand the importance of ongoing staff/employee training and development.
  • are committed to recognizing and rewarding performance excellence.

So, how do you know when and if leaders are being effective, or not, in running their companies, businesses, groups or organizations? Well, it actually is not as difficult as some might think. Listed below are what I call “Effective Leadership Tangibles,” those areas from and by which you can measure the effectiveness of any business leader.

  1. Business productivity goals are achieved or exceeded.
  2. Every staff personnel/employee knows the company’s mission and vision.
  3. The working environment is a pleasant and enjoyable one.
  4. Everywhere you turn, you run into satisfied and loyal personnel/employees.
  5. There is an extremely satisfied and loyal customer/client base.
  6. The business possesses a positive public image (brand).
  7. Strong and healthy business relationships exist.

There you have it. Now the question is, do you already have what it takes to develop and run a successful business?

Or, do you need to roll up your sleeves and go to work to begin developing these traits? Rest assured the “effective leadership tangibles” are an excellent way of assessing where you stand, and how much further down the road you need to go in internalizing many, if not all, of the characteristics and attributes that define effective and successful leaders.

This is a regular column presented by DYP, Inc., a local business support company, owned by Leon and Sandra Jenkins, providing tips on a range of business topics to equip and empower aspiring and existing business owners.

The Business Coach: The Leadership Test