Tribute To A Community GIANT – Carroll Oliver

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(Last Updated On: May 2, 2016)

Tragically struck down by the very people he daily aspired to help, Carroll Oliver was known in his community and beyond as an extremely successful and hard-working businessman with a GIANT heart towards helping and meeting the needs of others.

Empower Magazine along with the Oliver family would like to share this special tribute of a fallen pillar of our community whose genuine love for family, friends and even strangers in need was extraordinary.


If we knew today was our last day with you,

There’s so many things differently we’d do.

When your face before us, we long to see,

Knowing that it will never be,

Carroll Oliver – We Will Remember

Your spirit was often bright and sunny,

All because the day started with “honey.”

Your walk was tall, always filled with pride

The love of your family you chose as your guide.

Carroll Oliver – We Will Remember

The joy you brought, to all you gave

Changing hopeless lives of the children you saved.

The jokes you shared were oh so funny,

Your laughter, your smile, your teeth so white

Made many of us say “Carroll, man, you ain’t right.”

Carroll Oliver – We Will Remember

A home with the Lord, you earned it you see,

A home with Him – how special you must be.

You honored the brand to the very end,

McDonald’s, you loved, the arches you kept bright.

You gave it your best, Carroll – you did it just right!

(So again we say) when in the physical, we wish your face to see,

Knowing in our hearts it will never be,

Carroll Oliver – We Will Remember

We will remember you (always)

tribute by: Mary Redmond

 May you rest in Perfect Peace with the Lord…Carroll Oliver (Born: 2/2/1947 – Home Going: 01/11/2016). You will be dearly missed by so many.

Tribute To A Community GIANT – Carroll Oliver