Up Close and Personal with Carrie V. (EM Makeup & Beauty Columnist)

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(Last Updated On: December 1, 2020)

EM Makeup and Beauty Columnist, Carrie V., shares her unique business and life experiences, challenges, dreams and aspirations during a recent Q&A session with Empower Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief. Her commentary below should serve as an inspirational catalyst for those countless number of individuals who still possess a burning desire to reach for the stars.

1. What inspired you to become a makeup and beauty artist?
When I graduated college, I had the opportunity to do makeup for a friend who was an aspiring model at the time. I had never done professional makeup nor had I ever thought about doing it. But once I saw the finished product from the photo shoot, the pictures where amazing and I couldn’t believe that I had done the makeup. After that shoot I became more and more interested. I began to develop my craft, and here I am today! It was others who saw a talent in me I didn’t know I possessed and now I couldn’t imagine living without being a professional makeup artist. It is more than just a job or career; it is my passion and I use it to touch lives.

Ms. Carrie V., [EM Makeup & Beauty Columnist]
Ms. Carrie V., [EM Makeup & Beauty Columnist]
2. What has been your biggest business success to date as a business owner?
It depends on what you classify as success. Every day I think of ways to take my company and brand, Just a Touch by Carrie V, higher. I have worked with artists, broadcasters, magazines, award shows, but with all that, my biggest success was the birth of “The Butterfly Effect”, an organization I created to help young women and girls build their self esteem. Being able to touch and change young ladies lives, it can’t get any better than that!

3. What do you believe makes you uniquely different from others in your industry?
What makes me uniquely different is I treat every client like they are royalty and give them the total Carrie V experience. I truly love what I do. Also, uniquely, I work with a number of male clients, pastors, and artists for broadcast as well as photo shoots. Getting the males ‘camera ready’, but not taking away from their masculinity.

4. Do you have any hobbies and leisure time activities that you would like to share with the EM readers?
Hobbies – I used to draw cartoon characters in my free time. I am also the Praise Dance Leader at my church Higher Dimensions. I wouldn’t really call that a hobby, but I service heavily at my church of 13 years. I also love donating my time back to the youth any chance I get especially you ladies.

5. What place in the world would you love to steal away and vacation if given the opportunity?
I would love to visit France, Jerusalem or Australia soon I pray.

6. I recently read about your “Butterfly Effect” initiative, and was very inspired. Could you share with us your vision and goals for the initiative?
“The Butter Fly Effect”, building your self esteem by Carrie V, is an initiative that derived from my life experiences struggling with self esteem issues as a youth. The mission and vision is to go forth in communities, schools, organizations, churches, camps, etc. to develop positive young ladies to love themselves inside and out by providing etiquette programs, mentorship, workshops, age appropriate makeup lessons and motivational speaking.

Psalms 139:14 says for I am fearfully and wonderfully made… Thus, the “Butterfly Effect” demonstrates the illustration of the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly. It focuses on the outer appearance with “Just a Touch” with an emphasis on the inward appearance by teaching principles that build positive self-esteem, self-image, self-confidence and self-awareness. I travel around the city of Houston speaking at workshops, youth conferences, schools, organizations and churches sharing my message. I also incorporate etiquette classes, age-appropriate makeup lessons and more. You never realize how your story, life experiences and accomplishments can impact the lives of others.

7. Is there anything else you would like the EM readers to know about you? My ultimate goal is to open a school/college for makeup artist where they can come and walk away as a certified makeup artist, esthetician business owner and have a thriving career as a makeup artist. They will understand and know how to develop their business management skills, branding and career as a makeup artist.

For bookings, visit the butterfly effect, or e-mail carrievmua@gmail.com.
Up Close and Personal with Carrie V. (EM Makeup & Beauty Columnist)