Vera Moore Featured in People Magazine!

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(Last Updated On: July 29, 2015)

Vera Moore In People’s Magazine ‘My American Dream’ Spotlight

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Pick up your copy today and read about Vera Moore’s amazing journey!

July 6 issue spotlight on the journey of beauty pioneer, Vera Moore, CEO of Vera Moore Cosmetics.

The full-page My American Dream | Great Success Against All Odds spotlight shares the pivotal turning point that set Moore on the course of creating her own make-up line to meet the needs of women of color and after years of hard work and sacrifice led to her products being sold around the world.

In the People Magazine spotlight, Moore recounts her journey which started in Queens, New York and included an exciting career as an actress on both Broadway and daytime television, to her current role as founder and CEO of Vera Moore Cosmetics.

Moore often reflects on the fact that she never really intended to be an entrepreneur, but just could not help addressing the lack of quality cosmetics and skincare for women of color that existed while she was an actress. Thus the genesis of Vera Moore Cosmetics.

Vera Moore

“I am absolutely thrilled to be featured in People Magazine,” Vera says, “it has been a long, sometimes challenging journey turning no’s into yes’s, but my story is definitely proof that with faith, hard work, focus and perseverance the American Dream can still be achieved.”

In addition Moore’s story also will be available on the My American Dream/ video series.

Vera Moore featured in People Magazine’s ‘My American Dream’ spotlight