Views from the Top: Lights, Cameras and Action

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(Last Updated On: February 12, 2015)

Who’s that girl? Although this amazing woman is no girl, she makes things happen and puts meaning behind the words: lights, camera, & action.

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Jennifer Eichelberger, producer of Atlanta Live

In this special Views From the Top Q&A, we salute Jennifer Stovall Eichelberger, producer of Atlanta Live on WATC TV 57. A native of Beckley, West Virginia, she is a local minister and author of “Answering Your Call, Discovering Your Purpose” and “The Next Level”. She is wife of the legendary Dr. Herbert L. Eichelberger who taught Spike Lee and Bryan Barber and is an alumni of Marshall University and George Washington University. Eichelberger lived in the suburban area of Washington, DC for a number of years and has called Atlanta, Ga. home for the last 12 years.

Privileged to be one of the many talented and gifted guests of the Atlanta Live show, I consider it an honor to shine the light on this devoted and hardworking television show producer and leader.

Empower Magazine salutes you and hopes that you will continue empowering others by providing the platform that aids them in bringing forth what God has put them here to birth and share with  audiences.

Q: How does the Atlanta Live (TV 57 channel) empower others to succeed? 

Our motto at WATC’s TV 57 is we are educational, we are inspirational and we are community. With that in mind, we air programming that is family friendly, which aims to educate and inspire our viewers to be all that they can be, while highlighting guests and talent from local to international level.

Our mission for Atlanta Live specifically is to present a platform for guests to share their compelling testimonies or life challenges in which they overcame through the power of prayer and intervention from our Lord and Savior. It is our hope that our viewers can see that if others overcame their life challenges they too can be overcomers as  well.

We educate by featuring experts on various topics that deal with societal issues. We inspire our viewers with prayer, words of encouragement, and uplifting soul-stirring Christian music.

Q: Tell us about your role at the station.

My role at WATC TV 57 is to produce programming that is charged with faith, hope and with the spirit that says all things are possible through Jesus Christ. As producer of Atlanta Live I have the awesome responsibility for the content that is aired to millions of viewers daily. Selection of hosts, guests and musical artists is my primary responsibility.

Yes this is an awesome task, but I am able to complete it with grace through my faith. It takes faith to produce a live television program five days a week. I rely heavily on faith and the skills of a dedicated production crew. Each morning my husband covers me in prayer and once I arrive at work, I pray asking God to order my steps for the day. I ask God to show me the order in which the written script should flow.

Q: What or who inspired you to want to become a part of the WATC TV 57 family?

This part on how I became apart of the WATC’s TV 57 family is truly divine. A few months after relocating to Atlanta, I visited a few churches in search of a new church home. Following my sister’s suggestion, I visited this one particular church and I met Betty Cornett and after talking with her, she later invited me to be a prayer partner. Keep in mind, I was new to the area, knew very little about the city, let alone the television. In short, I started out as a prayer partner and the rest is history.

Q: Who empowers you?

First and foremost I am empowered by my faith in God. I am also empowered by the positive responses that are received from our viewers. Last, but certainly not least, I am empowered by my wonderful husband. He not only is my husband, but my friend, coach and pillar of strength for those peaks and valleys in life. He helps me maintain focus. I must add that my husband has decades of experience at training in mass communications. He has taught and trained many in this field.

For those of you seeking a path full of lights, camera and action do know that Jennifer  puts the word action into use long before the camera and lights are on. She is great at what she does and is blessed to have in her corner such pioneering faith along with a dedicated spouse to help her engineer such an awesome show for great TV programming.

We salute Jennifer as she continues to make it happen on set, but more importantly encourage you to emulate her example and empower yourself from within to make it happen in life!

 Three words: lights, camera, & action!

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 Views from the Top: Lights, Cameras and Action