Views from the TOP: Women in Business | Spotlight on Dr. Neva Alexander

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(Last Updated On: October 2, 2014)

“Because your candle is shining brightly, it doesn’t cost you anything to light another person’s candle or help to keep it shining brightly.”

Empowering others should be just as contagious as laughing at the same joke.

Founder of National Educational Venture Alliance (N.E.V.A.),  Dr. Neva Alexander is an internationalist from the luscious island of Jamaica, West Indies and has traveled extensively while using her gifts, talents and abilities to empower, entertain and educate others.

NEVA provides students with the tools needed to select the right university and offers various test prep classes, including the SAT, LSAT, GMAT and GRE programs. Empower Magazine Columnist Felicia Smith had an up close with Dr. Neva regarding her organization and her efforts to empower others.

Q: Tell us about your business?

A: I am the founder of two non-profit organizations. The National Educational Venture Alliance, an international company that focuses on student recruitment, education consulting and test preparation. We work with students to get them accepted by universities and to assist them in obtaining scholarships. The other entity of our business, Entrepreneur Education Foundation, focuses on working with entrepreneurs.

Q: Why did you want to become an educator?

A: As a child I wanted to pursue careers that would make me rich and powerful. However, I never considered that a part of a successful career is one that is fulfilling and rewarding. I realized that all I have learned in and outside the classroom needs to can be transformed into formal education.

Q: What are some advantages of having a doctorate in educational leadership?

A: Having a doctorate in educational leadership means that I am an expert in educational administration. This degree along with my experience brings credibility. I have the knowledge and experience to teach and run a successful program.  I would also like to add that because of my M.S. in social science and doctorate in educational leadership, I had the opportunity to lecture at Prince Mohammad University in Saudi Arabia. I also ran the College of Arts and Sciences on the female campus.

Q: What was such an International experience like?

A: My experience in Saudi Arabia is one that I will always cherish. I met some wonderful people and learned how the other part of the world operates. I had the opportunity to create new programs and help build the College of Arts and Science. As a woman professor and author in Al Khobar, Saudi, I was only allowed to teach females. I taught many different courses. One of the courses that I was extremely passionate about was leadership. I quickly noticed that many of my female students did not associate leadership to women but had the desire to be business owners. Due to this experience, I wrote the book, ‘Females’ Guide to Understanding Leadership.’

Q: Tell us more about your book?

Dr. Neva Alexander

A: The book was created from a female perspective for women around the world. The book includes practical experiences from the classroom, boardroom, and research on women’s studies. The aim was for females to become better leaders in the many avenues of their lives. The book will help you to understand the definition of leadership and you, how to lead with passion, how to be a critical thinker, groups and teams effectiveness, how to represent values to people, ethics, performance, strategic planning, the dynamics of working in the community, organizational behavior, change leadership, gender and cultural influences on leadership, and the link between entrepreneurship and leadership. Case studies are presented to help readers better understand the principles. This book will give you an improved perspective on leadership.

Q: How have you empowered others?

A: I help students realize their true potential by empowering entrepreneurs through education. This I enjoy doing on a daily basis. At N.E.V.A, that’s what we are all about, empowering, educating and on occasion entertaining.

As I listen to the options taken to empower, educate and entertain, I can’t help but to think how there are so many more stories abroad if we accept the calling to empower another.

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Views from the TOP: Women in Business | Spotlight on Dr. Neva Alexander