Your professional aspirations are a journey, not a destination

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(Last Updated On: August 12, 2014)

Are you in need of direction? Are you at a fork in the road in terms of whether you should go to the left or to the right? You must, I repeat you must (and owe it to yourself to) occupy your time working in the purpose you’ve been put on the face of this earth to walk out.

In other words, work in a profession that makes you leap out of bed every morning eager to face your work day. Whether you’re an employer or the employee, you owe this to yourself. If not, why bother? Yes, I realize that many people work jobs, or perhaps have opened businesses, to simply pay the bills.

An alternative view is that life is not meant to only be a series of meeting financial obligations. While it is true that we all must work, work is meant to be meaningful and beneficial to each individual. Otherwise, you will resort to working a job or running a business going through the motions. You exchange living in peace for going through the motions in maintained misery.

I recall one spring morning, like cow herders, we all diligently came in to the job to do what we thought would be a routine day’s work. Little did we know, God would call an angel home right before our eyes. One of my co-workers died right in our presence — all to meet with a customer at his desk.

What I don’t have a problem with is that God’s timing is never wrong. Unfortunately as humans, and often as believers, we may not fathom why His timing isn’t lined up with ours, but still, losing someone you work with is hard; in fact, it’s traumatic.

What I found to be the most disturbing is that I witnessed a man spend his last few moments of life in a cubicle surrounded by those who were not his loved ones. Seemingly, his life transitioned from this earth to his final resting place in the presence of absolute strangers.

Those who loved him dearly were not afforded the opportunity to say goodbye. Oh, and did I mention, he was stressed out due to a heavy disdain for his job? Yes, he had grown to dislike his work life and chosen profession. In previous conversations, he confessed he hated his job and credited his health problems to his insurmountable stress from work. So again, we owe it to ourselves to choose wisely.

Here are a few tips for letting go of what you don’t want and gravitating towards what you want in terms of your daily work and business life:

#1 – Ask God to reveal your purpose.

More often than not your purpose is attached to your profession. Consult Godly counsel, mentors and trusted sources to help you navigate towards your destination. Remember, life is a journey not a destination, and we shall walk it out. However, you determine with God what that walk looks life.direction 3

“I am the Lord your God, who teaches you what’s best for you, who directs you in the way you should go.”

—Isaiah 48:17 

 #2 – Research what it takes to work in your dream profession.

For some, it’s a dream job; for others, it’s a dream business. Either way, examine and research the requirements and move swiftly towards execution and implementation. While I don’t advocate quitting your job if you’re an employee seeking to run your business full-time without sustainable income, you should aggressively make a decision to move forward. You need to balance working for them while you work for you. In reality, for some that may mean doing both. Yes, be an employee-microprenuer while you work towards your ultimate goal.

The experience of my former co-worker showed me that you should not focus on simply working in a profession strictly to meet financial obligations. While it is a normal expectation, it can be costly if not carefully calculated. In exchange for your dedication, loyalty, and dependability while earning bottom-line stock holder’s quotas, change your perspective by understanding that these are the training grounds that will propel you further into your purpose if you’re deliberate.

Take the quiz, pass the test, and move on to your destiny. Destiny can be better known as your passion, purpose, calling, and ultimately, the will of God for your life. What a desired place to be! Your ETA, or estimated time of arrival, lies within your mind, heart, will, and emotions to move forward with Team Destiny.

Happy travels.

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Your professional aspirations are a journey, not a destination