Announcing 2012 B-Excellent Award Winners

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(Last Updated On: January 7, 2015)

2012 B-Excellent Award Winners

Young Entrepreneurs

Kim Roxie, LAMIK Beauty

Ashley DeWalt, FusionSports

Start-Up Category

Monique Brownlow, Lynell Catering

Small Business Category

Irwin Daniels, POParazzi’s

Alan Roland, POParazzi’s

Jackie Daniels, POParazzi’s

Community Leader Category

Pastor Walter August, Jr.

Honorary Award

A.C. Green, NBA Great, Keynote Speaker, B-Excellent Awards, 2012



The Base represents the rock-solid foundation on which businesses must rest to grow and flourish.


The Hands are designed in different proportions to reflect the diversity in the Chamber and the tireless efforts businesses must exert in reaching up towards and grabbing hold of the opportunities that await.


The Oyster is sitting on the bedrock of a solid reef depicting the struggles businesses have to go through. Oysters attach themselves to a reef, much like businesses to the Chamber, in order to grow and flourish and thereby avoid washing away in turbulent currents and waves.


The Pearl is representative of a world in which chamber businesses are seeking to achieve success through networking, marketing and forming strong business alliances. You will note that the world’s topography is rough, yet its rough edges can be softened and smoothed over by businesses willing to join forces in helping each other obtain wealth. The rough and uneven surface also reflects the reality that with every business venture there will be ongoing difficulties and challenges.


The Cross signifies the influence and the power that Christ affords business leaders in all areas of business who are committed to Him. The Cross is indeed the centerpiece of this award in large measure because JESUS CHRIST is “the light of the world.”

The “E”

The “E” stands for both Emmanuel and Excellence as our standard, both of which are essential to any business seeking to realize long term success in a global economy.


This one-of-a-kind, custom-designed sculpture was created specifically as a collector’s item for the Chamber by renowned African-American artist Tony Sherman. Each sculpture will bear his signature on the back and will be individually numbered. Tony Sherman studied portrait sculpture in Passavaunt, France, at the famous Vogel Sculpture Studio. Since his return stateside, he has created many portraits of prominent Americans, including a sculpture of his father; a 6 ½ feet bronze sculpture for the city of Missouri City honoring police officers and firemen; and, a bronze sculpture