A Minute with Trinitee Stokes

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(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

Nothing is better than seeing empowering women, empowering women.

June 10th marked the grand opening of Chicks with Class. The Houston “teen” day spa is dedicated to catering to younger ladies’ temples and building stronger, confident women in their community. The opening was a celebration of style with a purpose.

This fun-filled occasion featured 11-year-old Trinitee Stokes, Disney’s multi-talent who plays Judy on K.C Undercover. Here is what this impressive little firecracker, who is wise beyond her years, had to say.

Micole: Personally, I am big on names – can you tell us a bit about the story behind your name?

Trinitee: …It’s the Father, Son and the Holy Ghost …When I was born my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, three times. So my name was something like, Tanay, or something like that. But when my cord was wrapped around me three times and I made it out just fine, that’s when they decided to name me Trinitee.

Trinitee Stokes with EM Reporter, Micole Williams

Micole: Oh my goodness … I am so glad that you just shared that … One thing with you, you are so
young, but you’re such a trailblazer – so who or what ignites your fire?

Trinitee: Haters…

Micole: Really, okay.

Trinitee: They kind of keep you going because it’s like, you don’t know if you’re doing fine or whatever but if you still have someone that just doesn’t like you, you know you’re doing something right. You know, they say “no you can’t do it” and then you want to prove them wrong.

Micole: Exactly.

Trinitee: And then you keep growing and doing better things, you keep reaching even higher.

Micole: That’s a great approach. Another thing, I know you have a busy schedule as an actress and then you are doing these types of events … so what’s your day to day like? How do you manage it all?

Trinitee: Well Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 5, I’m on set. So you know there’s breakfast, school, work, lunch, school, work then dinner, then go home. So I do that Monday through Friday and then on the weekend, I try to hang out because I’m busy or most times on the weekends I’m doing something. Like sometimes I come to these types of events or I’m going somewhere else across the state … so I try to keep my calendars mapped out.

Micole: There you go. Well it seems like you’re doing a good job following up with everything. And the last thing I want to know is for young women… what gems can you share for them if they want to follow in your footsteps?

Trinitee: To have fun. Find something that really makes you happy and just kind of push it and stick with it. You’ll be doing what makes you happy and I’m doing what makes me happy.

Micole: Aww, she is such a wonderful individual. Thank you so much for spending some time with me.

Trinitee: Thank you; you too.

Micole Williams is a long-time Empower magazine contributor; author of “Tangled Web of True Love Tales” and “Toxic Ties Trilogy,” creative director for Eclectically You Experience and educator. Visit her at www.micolewilliams.com and www.eclecticallyyou.com and follow @eclecticallyyou.

A Minute with Trinitee Stokes