Alessia Cara Rocks at the Rodeo

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(Last Updated On: March 6, 2018)

I took my 4 and 6-year old grandkids to the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show this past weekend. This was their second rodeo experience and they were excited and ready to take in all the activities including the Alessia Cara concert. Needless to say, the kids were enamored with everything from the cowboys and cowboy clowns to the calf roundup and mutton busters.

When it came time for Alessia Cara’s performance on the NRG stadium floor rotating stage, I was pleasantly surprised that my grandkids knew who she was; well – they actually referred to her as the lady that sings the Moana (Movie) song, “How Far I’ll Go.”

I must say that this 21-year old Canadian born Grammy Award winning singing sensation put on a show. This might have been Alessia’s first Houston Rodeo Show appearance, but you really couldn’t tell. She eased into the night’s performance by encouraging the 61,269 in attendance to join in whenever they recognized any of her popular and highly acclaimed songs.

Though Alessia Cara didn’t perform to a capacity (71,795) NRG crowd, her energy on stage did not disappoint. To be such a young upcoming superstar, her arrival to the Houston Rodeo Show centerstage so early in her professional career is a testament to what a strong, savvy, gifted and talented entertainer she is.

Not only did Alessia quickly win over those in attendance, she had my grandkids up out of their seats dancing in the aisles. And Yes, the NRG crowd and I were right there with them (the grandkids) dancing in the aisles.

This being my first time experiencing Alessia Cara live, I was very impressed with her stage presence and ability to captivate and thoroughly entertain her sizeable Houston Rodeo Show audience. I really enjoyed hearing her sing “Scars to Your Beautiful” from her 2015 debut studio album, Know-It-All. It was obvious that everyone in the stadium that night felt the same way. This very emotional and heartfelt song about self-worth was definitely one among many crowd favorites.

I would venture to say that this may have been Alessia Cara’s first go around at the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show, but it won’t be her last.

Alessia Cara Rocks at the Rodeo