Channel 13 news anchor brings non-profit to Houston to impact lives of minority teens

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(Last Updated On: June 14, 2017)

The Chauncy Glover Project (CGP) Houston Inaugural Black-Tie Gala was truly an event for the ages. It took place at the perfect venue, the Queensbury Theatre in Houston’s City Centre district.

The young men being honored (CGP Gents and Young Gents) did not disappoint those in attendance. They literally poured out their hearts on stage while paying tribute to those responsible for raising them through heartaches, hardships, challenges on every side with the promise of a better and brighter future. The positive transformation of these young men was on full display as they presented celebratory tributes resulting in tears of joy and laughter. The program’s impact on these young men’s lives was conveyed by each on stage in their closing statements to Chauncy Glover, their mentors and parents/guardians; “I will not let you down.”

CGP was birthed a little over three years ago in Detroit, Michigan by three-time Emmy award-winning journalist Chauncy Glover. He created the nonprofit after witnessing a young black male student die on the streets of Detroit while covering a breaking news story. Glover discovered that the young man had been shot after allegedly trying to rob a coach at his high school.

Following the young man’s death, Glover was determined to become a change-agent in the community by helping minority teens from rough areas beat the odds. He went back to that young man’s school and used his personal resources to create “The Chauncy Glover Project.”

The organization is a federally approved non-profit 501(c)(3). Its foundation is built on an extensive, hands-on mentoring program that targets inner-city teenage boys. CGP’s primary goal is to groom young minority teens into upstanding and accomplished gentleman.  The organization’s adult mentors sacrifice time and energy for the purpose of helping each participant in the areas of education, tutoring, manhood, self-empowerment, financial responsibility, etiquette, police interaction, college readiness, community service and so much more. Participants are encouraged and governed by several overarching themes:

“Striving to empower, encourage and inspire young men to become strong, moral and confident member of society.”


“I am Confident. I am Respectful. I am Faithful and Powerful. I Am A Leader.”

During the Houston gala, red-carpet host, Kia Renee, host of The Session Talk Show on the Kube, Channel 57, entertained interviews with Chauncy Glover, actor and gala emcee Christian Keyes along with several community leaders and the night’s honorees. 

Among the honorees were:
U.S. Representative Sheila Jackson Lee, 18th Congressional District – “You Are Fearless Award”
Constable Alan Rosen, Harris County Constable’s Office Precinct 1 – “Heart of Houston Award”
Pastor Marcus Cosby of Wheeler Avenue Baptist Church – “Faith Forward Visionary Leadership Award”
Darryl Gaines of NASA – “Houston Game Changer Award”
Marcus Davis, Owner of The Breakfast Klub – “Spirit of the Entrepreneur Award”
Andre Johnson, Retired Houston Texans – “Man of The Year Award”

Since its inception, The Chauncy Glover Project has successfully mentored over six dozen young minority teens and sent more than 40 young men to college with scholarships. The project presently mentors students at Wheatley High School, Westbury High School, Fleming Middle School, Navarro Middle School, and Foster Elementary.

During the closing segment of the program, Chauncy Glover paid special tribute to CGP mentors along with the current and incoming class of mentees. He made special mention of CGP’s Community Mentor of the Year, Most Improved Gent, Mentee of the Year, Young Gent of the Year, and Mentor of the Year. Glover recognized Houston City Council Member for District D, Dwight A. Boykins who was in attendance as the CGP Legacy Award recipient. He went on to recognize his special guest, award-winning journalist Melanie Lawson of ABC Channel13 who insisted on a special hug from all 17 CGP mentees. Glover also shined the spotlight on his parents (Robert and Sherry Glover) who were in attendance.

Before stepping off stage, Glover extended high praise and appreciation to the CGP Houston Executive team which consisted of Christina Porter (Project Coordinator), La’Torria Lemon (Publicist/Event Coordinator), and Brandi Walker (Hospitality Coordinator). He noted that they all worked tirelessly to ensure the inaugural Houston CGP Black-Tie Gala was a success.

Chauncy Glover is a great example of how one person can be so driven and empowered by his faith to lead a movement that will impact generations well into the future. As a testament to the phenomenal success realized by his visionary creation of The Chauncy Glover Project, every CGP senior is headed to college. An amazing accomplishment since many of these young teens did not see college anywhere in the future before CGP.

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Photo Credit: JP Hanney

Channel 13 news anchor brings non-profit to Houston to impact lives of young men and boys