Houston-area teen delivers anti-bullying speech in Washington, D.C.

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(Last Updated On: September 24, 2016)

Photo credits:  Divinci Roshon Photography

Audience members at the Congressional Black Caucus 46th Annual Legislative Conference filled the room with applause and rose to their feet to give 13-year-old Iyanni Pradia a standing ovation as she delivered an impassioned speech on the issue of bullying.

The speech brought many in the room to tears as the young teen sounded a heartfelt “call to action” on the need to develop solutions to combat bullying.

“When she spoke about her fact findings on children who have taken their lives it was the climax for everyone in the room because  it exploded with applause,” said her mother, Lisa Pradia.

The early morning breakfast, held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C., brought together hundreds of thought leaders, legislators and concerned citizens to engage on a broad range of economic development, civil justice, public health and education issues.

Founder of the Million Kids March National Anti-Bullying Movement, Iyanni traveled to Washington, D.C. along with her mom to speak before the Caucus to address the troubling issue of bullying and the growing epidemic of cyber-bullying.

This would be the second trip in recent months that the pair would take to awaken Washington leaders and political figures on the need to raise awareness on the issue of bullying on a national level.

A target of bullying in elementary school, the gifted teen, who is a budding fashion designer and professional model and actress, experienced several years of bullying at different schools.

One of Iyanni’s goals is for legislators to approve a National Anti-Bullying Observance Day. She shared her vision on her initial trip to Washington in May with Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and has been working with the Texas political leader to establish additional anti-bullying legislation.

In August, the teen hosted a fashion show at the Houston Children’s Museum to unveil her anti-bullying fashion line and announce her nationwide anti-bullying movement.

Appreciative of the opportunity to speak before members of the Caucus, the social activist in-the-making ensured that one message was clear.

“I will continue to be a voice for those who have and are bullied,” said Iyanni.

The Houston-area teen also attended the CBC’s 20th Annual Celebration of Leadership in the Fine Arts awards show and met several artists who have left their imprint on the entertainment industry, including one of the night’s honorees, Cicely Tyson.

She concluded her time in Washington, as an attendee at the Phoenix Dinner where President Barack Obama delivered his seventh and final keynote speech to pay tribute to the legacy and achievements of individuals who have positively impacted the African-American experience.

For more information or to donate to the Million Kids March Anti-Bullying Movement campaign, visit www.itsiyannipradia.com.

Photo credits: Divinci Roshon Photography

Houston-area teen delivers anti-bullying speech in Washington, D.C.